Google just leaked its next Smart Display, the Nest Hub Max

New device pops up on Google's website

Nest Hub Max leaks out

Google. It just isn't that great at keeping secrets, is it? In its latest blunder, the company has leaked an upcoming device called the Nest Hub Max.

This is the first we've heard of such a product, but Android Police spotted a reference in the Connected Home section of Google's online store, which has now been removed. It described a "10-inch HD display, a built-in Nest Camera, and stereo speakers".

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So it sounds like this is the next Google Smart Display, albeit one that's Nest branded. We've asked Google for comment on whether this is a legitimate product. It seems highly likely, but always good to leave a little room for doubt; maybe it's some mistake on Google's end.

Google leaks its next Smart Display, the Nest Hub Max
Credit: Android Police

A 10-inch display would give it the same screen size as the Lenovo Smart Display, and we expect you'll be able to link all your existing Nest cameras, locks, doorbells etc.

Our favorite Smart Display right now is the Google Home Hub, but that doesn't have a camera. The built-in cam on the Nest Hub Max would presumably let it act as a security device, as well as (most likely) letting you make video calls. In sum, this could be a better "hub" if you're a user of Nest products.

We'll let you know if we hear anything back from Google.

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