rOcean enlists Alexa to help save the planet

The world's first personalised water ecosystem hits Indiegogo

rOcean enlists Alexa to help save the planet
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Plastic bottles are killing the planet - everyone knows that. But while tap water filters are gaining popularity amongst a more eco-conscious public, they aren't all that exciting. rOcean plans to jazz things up with a SodaStream / Brita mashup that it's describing as "the world's first personalised water ecosystem."

Essentially, this smart water system - which boasts both Alexa and Google Assistant compatibly - hooks up to your tap water (either on the tap itself using an adapter, or it can be plumbed into your cold water supply) and offers you a variety of water drinks, without a plastic bottle in sight. Well, apart from your plastic refill bottle that is - the system lets you put in whatever water vessel you wish.

Using the touchscreen on the rOcean One itself, or the companion app you can choose how fizzy you want your water to be, and what flavours and extras (think electrolytes, vitamins and the like) you want adding in from the pods you put in.

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We know what you're thinking - pods, like you get with coffee machines, are an eco-nightmare too. But rOcean is making their pods dishwasher proof and reusable - you top them up and they are good to go for 60 litres of water at a time (at $15 a pop).

You can even create your own flavours to fill up the pods if you want and rOcean is also leaving the the pod platform open so as traditional beverage makers can get involved too.

The water is obviously filtered too, with the company claiming the submicron filtration unit lasts 15 times as long as "leading industry pitcher filters" and last ten times longer than other popular carbon-based systems.

As well as the app and the digital assistants being on board, rOcean also states that the system has AI to learn your preferences over time.

The rOcean One has landed on Indiegogo and is slated for December shipping. Get in early doors and you could get one for $169, with three pod flavours thrown in. The 'normal' price after corwdfunding is set to be $349 and there's also a non-carbonated version, the rOcean One Zero, that's $99 for orders now, $179 when it gets to real-life status.

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