The best Google Home compatible devices for your smart home

We round up the smart home kit that Works with the Google Assistant

Google Assistant compatible devices
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If you're running Google Assistant in your home, then there's a dizzying array of compatible devices ready to make a Google Nest powered smart home.

Whether you have a Google Nest Mini or a Google Nest Hub, or a third party speaker like the Sonos One, controlling smart home devices with your voice is one of the key reasons to buy a smart speaker.

Whether it’s smart variations of lights, plugs, thermostats or even just streaming devices, we’ve got you covered. And a tip to keep in mind - you can spot a 'Works with the Google Assistant' badge to determine which products will lpay nicely.

Below, we'll deep dive into our favorite compatible Google Assistant smart home devices, but you can also check out our roundup of the best Google Assistant speakers separately.

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Best Google Assistant smart lights

Most of our best smart light picks work with Google Assistant, but here are some of the best.

The best Google Home compatible devices for your smart home

Philips Hue

Buy now: Amazon | From £59

Perhaps the best known smart lighting system out there, there’s no better place to start this list than with Philips Hue. The Hue ecosystem is continually growing with many different kits and lights to make your place all fancy and colorful. From bowl lights and light strips to bulbs and lamps, the extensive number of options you have make this a worthy consideration.

And once you have a colorful ensemble of bulbs lighting your way, you can switch on, dim, brighten and change color all with the Google Assistant. The only drawback to the luminous paradise, of course, is the necessity to splash out on a Philips Hue Bridge to connect it all – although you can get around that if you go the Alexa route with an Echo Plus, or simply make use newer bulbs' Bluetooth functionality.

The best Google Home compatible devices for your smart home


Buy now: Amazon | From £19.99

While Philips Hue is the big name in smart lights, Lifx has become a beloved second fiddle. Its claim to fame is how simple it can be to set up, which may appeal to those of you who are new to the smart home.

These bulbs allow you to skip the hub and get right to its 16 million colors and 1,000 shades of warm to cool whites. LIFX has a growing range of lights beyond the basic bulbs too, which is worth checking out.

The best Google Home compatible devices for your smart home

C by GE

Buy now: Amazon | From $29.99

GE is a huge name in the lighting space, but its Made for Google bulb is the one we're interested in here. These smart bulbs are unique in the range because they don't require the GE Reach hub to work.

Instead, their Bluetooth connection gives them a direct line to Google Home, with a pleasantly painless setup process.

They're tricky to find in the UK, but in the US you can get a two-pack for a very reasonable $25.

Best Google Assistant security cameras

Smart security cameras aren't the first thing you'd think of when you think voice-controlled gadgets, but a good selection of high quality cameras work with Google Assistant, the best integration happening in Nest's range - natch.

The best Google Assistant compatible devices for your smart home

Nest Cam IQ Indoor

Buy now: Google | £299

This is a bit of a cheat as the Nest Cam IQ actually now works as a Google Assistant controller too - via an upgrade to its mic and speaker. Nest's latest indoor security camera has a 4K sensor, face recognition, HDR close-up tracking and it works seamlessly with the rest of the Nest ecosystem.

You can ask to see live footage on both the Nest app on your phone – "OK Google, show me the dining room" – or on a TV with a Chromecast, and you can add the Cam IQ to routines. For example, "OK Google, I'm leaving" will turn on all your Nest Cams. Neat.

The best Google Home compatible devices for your smart home

Arlo Pro 3

Buy now: Amazon | £549

Arlo has established itself as a firm favorite at Ambient Towers, and the Pro 3 proves why. If you're going for a single-camera setup, we'd sooner recommend the Nest Cam above, but for multi-cam homes Alro's wire-free range is hard to beat right now.

As well as working with Google Assistant, the Arlo Pro 3 delivers silky 2K footage as well as a handful of AI smarts such as person detection and activity zones. The downside is that those extra features now require a subscription, which also gives you access to cloud storage. Local storage is an option, but you still need a Smart Premier account to unlock 2K streaming, annoyingly.

Best Google Assistant thermostats

Again, Google Assistant works with (almost) all the best smart thermostats you can buy including Nest, Honeywell and Tado. As we mentioned above, Hive Active Heating is missing but considering Hive's light bulbs and plugs are already onboard, we assume it's coming.

The best Google Assistant compatible devices for your smart home

Nest Thermostat

Buy now: Amazon | £219

Not that Nest and Google are fully integrated as companies, it’s only natural that it has some of the best integration going. The thing that separates the Nest Thermostat (now in its third generation) from the competition is that it can learn your habits after a week of training it.

Google Home compatibility allows you to scream your temperature demands, control hot water and never fiddle with the dial again. Nest also offers smoke detectors, alarm systems and security cameras for your smart home needs.

The best Google Home compatible devices for your smart home

Ecobee SmartThermostat

Buy now: Amazon | $249

Nest has held the crown in this space for years, but in our view the Ecobee SmartThermostat is closest to taking it – if it hasn't already. Its biggest boast is versatility, working with all the major platforms. Its touchscreen is handy, and additional room sensors help make it smarter.

Alexa users will eke a little more functionality out of this thermostat, as it's the only assistant actually built in, but Google Assistant gets enough integration to not feel like a second-class citizen.

The best Google Home compatible devices for your smart home

Tado Thermostats and Smart AC Controls

Buy now: Amazon | £199

Tado's Google Assistant integration with Google Home was pretty late to the scene, but its range of smart thermostats and Smart AC Controls units can be controlled by voice commands to set, increase or decrease the temperature or air conditioning.

Plus, the compatibility extends to its smart radiator thermostats for control across more than one room of the house. You can say things like "OK Google, set living room to 22 degrees" or "OK Google, increase bedroom temperature by 3 degrees."

Best Google Assistant smart plugs

Power up your outlet game with our top Google Assistant smart plugs. Also head to our best smart plugs roundups for a more comprehensive selection.

The best Google Home compatible devices for your smart home

TP-Link Smart Wi-Fi Plug Mini

Buy now: Amazon | £34.99

TP-Link's Wi-Fi smart plugs do exactly what you'd expect: scheduling, away mode (which turns off all your devices when you leave) and in some cases energy monitoring too – though that's not available on the Wi-Fi Plug Mini.

And of course, you'll have Google Assistant support to turn devices on and off with the power of your voice. All at an affordable price. If you're in the UK, the basic Kasa model of this plug can come with or without the energy monitoring, depending on what you want.

The best Google Home compatible devices for your smart home

Belkin WeMo Mini Smart Plug

Buy now: Amazon | From 29.99

Belkin's Mini Smart Plug is our runner-up choice, but it's certainly a close one. You won't get energy monitoring here, but you do get a good roundup of features like Away Mode, which will randomly turn your device on and off to trick people into thinking you're home

Along with Google Assistant, it also supports Alexa, IFTTT, and HomeKit (which the TP-Link doesn't).

Best Google Assistant smart hubs

In order to connect your whole home, you can hook Google Assistant up to a smart hub, expand what you can control by voice.

The best integrated devices for Google Home - from thermometers to lightbulbs

Samsung SmartThings

Buy now: Amazon | £79

Samsung's SmartThings smart home system comprises a handful of sensors and outlets, all centered around the SmartThings hub. It makes the smart home incredibly easy to set up, and best of all it's compatible with a vast range of other smart devices - Google Home included.

If you want to take things a step further, Samsung SmartThings Wifi blends a Wi-Fi router and smart home hub into one, meaning one less box to find a hiding spot for. It also means the same box can deal with smart home traffic separate to your Wi-Fi network – meaning fewer Netflix interruptions.

Google Assistant integration will allow you to control connected lights, outlets and thermostats with the power of voice. A simple "Ok Google, turn on the bedroom fan" is all you need. The future's pretty great, huh?

The best Google Home compatible devices for your smart home

Google Nest Hub

Buy now: Google | £119

Despite the name, the Google Nest Hub is less "hubby" than the other two options on this list as it lacks Zigbee/Z-Wave, among other things.

Yet this is also currently the best way to interface with your Google smart home, and your best choice if you have Nest products such as the Nest thermostat or Nest Protect smoke alarm, as Google and Nest are now one company.

Especially good is Home View, a top-down look at your entire smart kit layout, giving you an easy glance of what's on, what isn't, and the current state of each device. The screen also gives you an additional info "layer" when speaking to the Assistant, which is handy.

The best Google Home compatible devices for your smart home


Buy now: | $599

Vivint is less a hub and more of an all-in-one experience you can opt into. The company not only gives you a smart hub panel to work with, it sells a whole bunch of add-ons that you can use to make your own smart home. The best part? They install it all for you.

Vivint is what you want if you can't be bothered with all of that installation and such. The system is compatible with Google Assistant too, and you'll even get two free Google Home Minis to round everything out. Be warned though, it's expensive.

Best Google Assistant smart locks and doorbells

Any smart home worth its salt has a decent security setup, and these picks of smart locks and smart doorbells will play nicely with Google Assistant as a bonus.

The best Google Home compatible devices for your smart home

August Smart Lock/Smart Lock Pro

Buy now: Amazon | £129.99

This popular smart lock will allow you to not worry about your keys again by activating when your phone's Bluetooth signal is close. With Google Home and Google Assistant support, however, you'll simply be able to tell Google to lock or unlock your doors.

And if you forget, you can ask Google, too. No need to walk back and check for yourself.

The best Google Home compatible devices for your smart home

Nest Hello

Buy now: | £229

Nest's own smart video doorbell has now arrived and it comes complete with Google Assistant integration. If you get yourself a Nest Aware subscription, you can set up Google Assistant to announce your visitors - even by their own names.

If you don't opt for the subscription, it'll simply announce that someone is at the door. Still cool, but nothing is as fun as having Google Assistant announce that your UPS delivery person is here.

The best Google Home compatible devices for your smart home

Nest x Yale Smart Lock

Buy now: | $249 ($279 with Nest Connect)

Nest has partnered up with lock specialists Yale to make is first smart lock, and you're getting quite lot of smart here. You've also got a keypad on the outside, in addition to a touch panel for quick one-touch locking.

There's integration with Nest, so that you can lock your door and arm your Nest Secure. As for Google Assistant, you can check whether the doors are locked and even lock your door with a quick "Hey Google."

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