Sonos and Ikea's first 'future home sound' collab is the Symfonisk speaker

This prototype is a signal of things to come in 2019

Sonos and Ikea show off Symfonisk speaker

Sonos and Ikea have unveiled the first speaker for their 'future home sound' collaboration - the Symfonisk. Just a prototype for now, it's designed to sit below the Sonos One and Play:1 as it will be cheaper in price but it will still be able to join an existing setup of wireless, multi-room Sonos speakers.

The Symfonisk (top in the image above) is designed to fit in and around Ikea furniture, including slotted into the Billy bookcase and secured under the Metod kitchen cabinet. And Sonos isn't ruling out built-in Alexa with one exec saying it's "too early" to say if the voice assistant will make it into the final product turning it into an Alexa device like the Sonos One.

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It'll be controlled from the Sonos app and if it's being treated as a Sonos speaker in all but name, we assume the Alexa controls if you have an Echo/Sonos One will still apply.

Many of the features are still up in the air (aside from those all important dimensions) and Sonos isn't even showing off working models of the units yet, as the Symfonisk isn't due to launch until the second half of 2019. But both companies say this will be a long term partnership, not a one-off product so expect to see a whole range of Ikea speakers built by Sonos.

Aside from the hook-up, Ikea and Sonos have been pretty busy elsewhere in home audio. Sonos just announced its Beam smart soundbar with Alexa as well as a limited edition range of Sonos One colours with Hay. Ikea meanwhile launched its own Eneby Bluetooth speaker range, again perfectly formed to fit its own storage systems.

Source: Wired

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