Shout, let it all out: Sonos One and Beam now work with Alexa Announcements

A handy Echo feature makes the leap to Sonos

Sonos One and Beam get Alexa Announcements
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When we first reviewed the Sonos One, we pointed out that there was a gap between what Alexa on an Echo smart speaker can do and what Alexa on a Sonos One is capable of.

That gap is closing, though, and now Sonos is pushing out an update to users in the US, UK and Canada to bring its useful Alexa Announcements feature to the Sonos One and Sonos Beam soundbar.

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This turns your smart speaker/soundbar into an intercom-lite system with other speakers around the house. Just say "Alexa, announce that breakfast is ready" and it will play a chime and then the message on all other speakers - especially handy for larger houses.

It's not actually an intercom because there's no two-way audio so your family or flatmates can't respond via Alexa. Google Assistant has a similar feature for Home named Broadcasts which similarly doesn't support two-way audio.

It looks like Announcements will work across Sonos and Echo if you have a mixture of devices but we'll confirm this once we've tried it out. In fact, features like this might be a reason to plump for an extra Amazon Echo Dot if you've already kitted out your main spaces with connected Sonos kit.

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