Xiaomi is bringing its Assistant-loaded smart home products to the US

Smart lighting and more heading out of China

Xiaomi's bringing its smart home to the US

Over in China, Xiaomi has a whole line of smart home products. It's also invested in over 90 Internet of Things companies in an effort to build up a massive ecosystem of devices that can connect and talk to each other. Now it's looking to partnerships to take it internationally.

At Google I/O, Xiaomi announced that it's adding Google Assistant integration to its smart home products. So now you'll be able to control your Xiaomi smart home products with Google Home or even just the Google Assistant on your phone and smartwatch. But what if you don't have any Xiaomi smart home products?

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Xiaomi is looking to expand its smart home offerings internationally by jumping into the US market, beginning with three products. The Mi Bedside Lamp and Mi LED Smart Bulb are the big two, both of which offer 16 million customizable color combinations in different form factors. The Bedside Lamp also comes with touch controls on a panel up at the top of the lamp.

Obviously, the Mi LED Smart Bulb is a better option if you want to turn an existing lighting fixture smart rather than buy an entirely new one, like the Bedside Lamp. But what if you're happy with your bulbs or what to turn some of your other "dumb" appliances smart?

That's what the third Xiaomi smart home product, the Mi Smart Plug, is for - a Wi-Fi plug that'll let you turn your appliances on or off. All three are compatible with Google Assistant, and you'll be able to ask Assistant to change the colors or temperature of your lighting. There's also the Mi Home app, which will let you control your products all the same.

The Bedside Lamp will be available in May while the other two will be available after that. There's currently no pricing, but seeing as Xiaomi typically prices its products in the affordable range, we'd bet it'l do the same here.

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