Automated ordering: Best Amazon Dash Replenishment devices

Never run out of your essential supplies ever again

Best Amazon Dash enabled devices
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Few things in life are more arduous than running out of printer ink, re-stocking batteries or refilling your supply of washing powder. And, thankfully, this is a reality Amazon understands.

Launched back in 2016, its Dash Replenishment service is the retail giant’s way of working with companies making smart devices and automating the replacement process. Since these devices are fitted with sensors to detect when certain elements require changing, Dash-enabled devices are able to re-order from Amazon without any input from the owner.

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To be clear, we’re not talking the recently retired Amazon Dash buttons here - y'know, the devices that you could stick to your worktop or wall for easy re-ordering. No, this is a step further, and more devices are slowly incorporating the smart re-ordering tech. But which are the best Amazon Dash-enabled devices you can buy right now? Let’s explore below.

Best Amazon Dash-enabled devices: Replenish your smart home with these connected gadgets

Behmor Brewer

$199.99, Amazon

Waking up to a morning coffee has never been this easy, with Behmor's Brewer bringing some nifty automation smarts to the table. Not only are your brews customisable from the accompanying smartphone app, but integration with Alexa also means you can simply shout the smart assistant whenever you need a dose of caffeine. And thanks to its built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, the device can automatically reorder beans or grounds when it detects you're running low.

Best Amazon Dash-enabled devices: Replenish your smart home with these connected gadgets

Brita Infinity smart water filter

$44.99, Amazon

If you're looking to make your water intake more efficient through a water filter, why not got all the way and make the pitcher the smartest it can be? Not only does Brita's Infinity pitcher filter reduce the amount of chlorine, copper, mercury and cadmium impurities from your water, but its connectivity with Amazon Dash Replenishment means it will also track and automatically order its own replacement filters to be delivered to you before it reaches the end of its life. Water never tasted so good.

Best Amazon Dash-enabled devices: Replenish your smart home with these connected gadgets

Samsung Xpress M2020W printer

$69.99, Amazon

Companies producing printers have particularly taken a shine to Amazon Dash Replenishment, largely because many already possessed the Wi-Fi connectivity required to tap into the automation. And one of the cheaper, more home-friendly options from that wide-ranging crop is the Samsung Xpress M2020W (though some of its siblings are also worth a look). It includes NFC connectivity, which allows you to print an item from your phone with just a tap, and can be set up to automatically reorder ink or toner when you're running low.

Best Amazon Dash-enabled devices: Replenish your smart home with these connected gadgets

Brother MFCL2710DW printer

$119.99, Amazon

Equally compact is this connected printer from Brother, which is perfect for home offices. Not only can it print pages from your PC, smartphone or tablet, but it can also do so at a quicker rate than the Samsung option above. With the ability to produce 32 page print-outs a minute, prolific users will be needing a re-up on their ink supplies, and thankfully this model can automatically send the signal for a re-order of ink or toner before you run out.

Automated ordering: Best Amazon Dash Replenishment devices

Kyocera Ecosys range

From £190, Amazon

Like every other printer name, Kyocera's line of Replenishment-enabled printers are a mouthful, but crucially harbour the necessary tech to automatically order ink and toner when you're running low. In total, the company's Ecosys range has eight models for you to pick from: the M5521cdn above, M5521cdw, M5526cdn, M5526cdw, P5021cdn, P5021cdw, P5026cdn and P5026cdw. They're all fairly similar, as you can gather by the model names, and all are generally more suited to offices and heavy printing than the Brother and Samsung options above.

Setup is also straightforward, with users simply needing to connect the one of the models to the internet, download the Dash Replenishment tool from the Kyocera website, register the device and sync it up with your Amazon account.

However, while you can pick one of the printers in the US, the setup tool appears to be only available to those in the UK and Germany, so keep that in mind.

Filtrete smart air filters

Automated ordering: Best Amazon Dash Replenishment devices

From $40, Amazon

It's not the most exciting Replenishment-enabled bit of smart tech - in fact, we'd say it pretty much couldn't get duller - but those of you looking to automate your filter system can get on board with Filtrete. After partnering with Amazon earlier this year, the company now has its Bluetooth-enabled HVAC air filters integrated with Replenishment.

The Filtrete app tracks filter lifespan, type and size of the specific smart filter, and the service will automatically re-order the correct product when the life of their filter reaches 10%. Just be aware that prices will vary quite dramatically depending on the size of your filter and how many you want to buy in a pack.

Automated ordering: Best Amazon Dash Replenishment devices

Bosch Serie 6 and Serie 8 dishwasher

From £629,

As part of Amazon's Dash Replenishment push in the UK last year, Bosch announced that it was bringing the smart integration to its Serie 6 and Serie 8 dishwashers. Applying to all variations of both the the built-in and freestanding models of each dishwasher generation, owners can now have dishwasher tabs reordered to their home when sensors detect you're in need.

There's scores of models for both the Serie 6 and Serie 8, in order to fit different types of kitchens (though the latter only comes in a 60cm variant), and Bosch promises that all will be able to give you relatively noise-free washing at around 40dB - that's roughly the same amount of noise you can expect in a library.

Unfortunately, this doesn't yet cross over to those in the US, where the Serie models aren't even available. And since their equivalents, the Benchmark and 800 Series, don't possess Wi-Fi connectivity, we won't be seeing the Replenishment smarts land across the pond until new models are released.

Best Amazon Dash-enabled devices: Replenish your smart home with these connected gadgets

Siemens iQ500 and iQ700 dishwasher

From £759,

In a similar vein to Bosch's connected dishwashers, the iQ700 and iQ500 ranges from Siemens now have the ability to tap into Amazon Replenishment service and automatically re-stock dishwasher tabs.

These generally run a little more expensive than the options above, but you are getting a solid, quiet dishwashing package whether you opt for the range of integrated dishwashers or prefer to have one that stands alone. That's if you're in the UK, anyway. Since Siemens' smart appliances aren't available in the US, you're going to have to hold on for another company to integrate with Amazon if you want a connected dishwasher stateside.

Best Amazon Dash-enabled devices: Replenish your smart home with these connected gadgets

Whirlpool smart washer and dryer

From $1,399 (each),

Certainly not the cheapest way to wash or dry your clothes, but Whirlpool's smart top load washing machine and dryer combo (sold separately) are perhaps the smartest. Nest integration allows you to sync up with the Whirlpool app and avoid running a cycle during peak energy usage hours, while Amazon's replenishment service is also on hand to make sure you never run out of supplies.

By estimating the amount of detergent remaining through the app, Whirlpool's smart set will automatically target the right time to order you what you need to keep on washing. A handy feature for those who always forget to pick it up during their weekly shop.

Best Amazon Dash-enabled devices: Replenish your smart home with these connected gadgets

GE Appliances washer and dryer

From $999 (each),

Whirlpool isn't the only company prioritising efficiency when it comes to your wash, with GE Appliances also offering support for Amazon's Dash Replenishment program. Sold separately, this washing machine and dryer pair both come with built-in Wi-Fi to tap into the re-ordering process. Not only can you control cycles with Alexa, but the appliances will also estimate when your laundry supplies are running low and order you them before you run out. Note that this pairing is only available in the US for now.

Coming soon...

The Dash Replenishment service is always growing, and though it's particularly suited to the smart devices outlined above, there's always new areas looking to take advantage of the automated re-ordering.


Automated ordering: Best Amazon Dash Replenishment devices

One big fish about to enter the pond is LG, which announced in February that it's set to introduce Dash Replenishment to its entire lineup of Wi-Fi enabled dishwashers, washing machines and dryer from 2018/2019. In total, there's 50 models, and yes we counted them.

It's a deal that will make the company the industry's largest provider of Replenishment-compatible smart appliances, enabling users to set up automatic reordering of things like detergent and laundry supplies.

How will it work? Well, users can enable Dash Replenishment on LG smart laundry and dishwasher appliances through the LG SmartThinQ app, then, once the appliance is connected, they can link their Amazon account and set up Dash Replenishment for supplies. Once the initial setup is done, LG smart appliances signal Dash Replenishment to automatically reorder and deliver pre-selected supplies when needed.

The feature to include the Wi-Fi enabled collection will be rolling out soon, but only to those in the US with supported models from the past couple of years.

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