How to listen to the new Sonos Radio

60,000+ radio stations, Sonos DJs, Thom Yorke and more

How to listen to the new Sonos Radio
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Speaker giant Sonos has just taken the covers off Sonos Radio - an all new, free (ad-supported) streaming service that's designed to not only make it easier for Sonos users to find their favorite radio stations, but also to offer up original shows and stations directly.

Sonos Radio isn't meant to replace the likes of TuneIn, which many Sonos users currently use to find radio stations, but instead streamline the radio curation process and open up new listening opportunities.

As well as the 60,000+ radio stations that the new platform can browse, there are curated stations - R&B Collective, Pure Unplugged, Blues Masters, Rock Road Trip - and the like, as well as Sonos' answer to Apple's Beats Radio: Sonos Sound System - described as a "signature ad-free station, curated and hosted by the Sonos team, features a stream of new and well-known music, behind-the-scenes stories, as well as guest artist radio hours."

Finally, there's Artists Radio; ad-free streams of song selections from artists "inspired by their own influences and obsessions". Radiohead's Thom Yorke kicks things off with his station In the Absence Thereof now live.

Here's how to get started with Sonos Radio

How to listen to the new Sonos Radio

  1. Make sure that both your smartphone app, and your Sonos system are running the latest firmware.
  2. Go to Browse in the Sonos app and you should see Sonos Radio listed alongside your other sources.
  3. Tap its icon and go through the steps to add it to your system.
  4. That's it - you're all set; you can now search for stations and browse the curated content.

It's worth noting that the new Sonos Radio feature is part of the 'old' Sonos S1 system. It will no doubt be a feature of the new Sonos S2 system, but it's good news that it's launched before the big legacy split takes place.

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