Hey Alexa, become more useful: You can now add skills into your routines

The new ability is already live in the US

Alexa skills are now part of routines
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Alexa lovers, your time has come. Amazon has finally made it possible to add skills into routines, making the smart assistant infinitely more useful as a result.

Until now only select third-party services like TuneIn have been available for Alexa routines, but those weren't technically added as a skill.

Now, when it comes to adding actions to your routines, you'll see the option to add skills too. We've got it working here in the US, but it's not showing up for our UK team yet. We've asked Amazon when they'll go live across the pond too.

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The change means you can now have Alexa play the BBC skill as part of your morning routine, or send your coffee order through to Starbucks all in one fell swoop.

For the time being you can only have one skill per routine, but we're hoping that will change in the future. For now, just make sure your Alexa app is up to date and go start playing.

You can now make all Alexa skills part of your routines

Developers won't have to "switch on" anything to make their skills compatible with routines – Amazon says it will happen automatically. The only requirement is that the skill is enabled on one Alexa device in the home.

As Amazon pointed out in a blog post, invoking skills in routines was the most-voted request for Alexa by developers. You can go check out some of the other highly-demanded features here.

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