Eufy's cheap battery-powered doorbell leads its new range at CES 2020

The smart home brand also brought a robo vac to Vegas

Eufy shows off new range at CES 2020
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Anker's smart home sister brand Eufy rocked up at CES in Las Vegas to show off its new range of products coming early 2020.

First up is Eufy’s new robot vacuum, the RoboVac G30 Edge, which adds a bunch of new smarts. There’s Eufy’s Smart Dynamic Navigation (translation: learns where it’s going, rather than just ricocheting off walls) and a new flow sensor to help it clean more efficiently.

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Eufy says the bot has a max suction power of 2000 Pa and can get 100 minutes of runtime before needing to return to its dock to recharge.

Plus, you have all the other bells and whistles like Eufy’s BoostIQ technology and Alexa/Google Assistant integration.

The new vac will be able to The G30 Edge will be available in March for $399.99.

Eufy also brought its new battery-powered video doorbell to CES. This one offers 2K resolution with wide dynamic range and Eufy says it’s good for 180 days on one charge. It also offers smart human detection, local storage, and works with Google Assistant/Alexa.

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Once again, the fact Eufy is offering all of this without an ongoing subscription makes this package incredibly appealing. Being battery-powered makes it perfect for renters too.

On the downside, you’ll get more features with some other doorbells, and there’s no HomeKit integration planned.

Anker has, however, unleashed HomeKit support for the EufyCam 2C, which launched in October last year. The update has been rolling out over the past few days, just in time for CES.

For those not in the know, the EufyCam 2C is very similar to the EufyCam 2, but doesn’t have the enhanced night vision sensor.

It also runs about 180 days on its battery while the 2 goes 365 days. The 2C does get a spotlight LED, however, along with IP67 weatherproof-rating. You can pick up the EufyCam 2C right now for $239.99.

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