August View doorbell ups the style stakes with slick design

Goodbye clunky square, hello beautiful

August View smart doorbell goes live
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August's old Doorbell Cam Pro had good features, but it packed them into a clunky, square device that didn't fit well on a lot of people's doorbells. The new August View, however, fixes that with a svelte new design.

UPDATE: Full August View review

It's now got a long, rectangular design that should work better on door frames, where most people tend to like to install their smart video doorbells. There's a big old doorbell button with a light around it, then a big camera up at the top with a sensor below it.

That camera captures a 1440p image, which is 33% more pixels than the Full HD 1080p display on most other smart video doorbells. The other big change is that the View is wire-free, unlike the Doorbell Cam Pro, which used existing wiring.

Because it's wire-free, there's a swappable, rechargeable battery that juices up with Micro USB. You're also going to get a wireless chime in the box, so you won't need to rely on your phone to get alerts about who's at your doorbell.

As for its doorbell powers, you're getting the standard motion alerts when someone wanders in front of your door. There's also on-demand live streaming, zoomable video and minimal fisheye, so that you don't get weird distortions when you're looking back at your video. Since it's August, it can also be linked to your August Smart Lock Pro, so you can see who's at your door and unlock quickly.

There are two cloud storage plans here, 15 days and 30 days. The old Doorbell Cam Pro only had one plan, 30 days, which came in at $4.99 a month or $49.99 a year. It's unclear if the 15-day plan will be cheaper. One thing is for sure: You're still going to get 24 hours of storage free. That video, plus any of your data, will be stored in August Cloud, which uses two layers of authentication and adheres to GDPR.

Finally, August is taking advantage of its two-tone look to offer swappable faceplates. There are four metal faceplates (satin nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, satin brass, midnight gray) and four colored faceplates (black, red, blue and white). You'll be able to buy other faceplates to change things up, too.

You'll be able to pick up the View on 28 March for $229.99, which is slightly more expensive than the company's $200 Doorbell Cam Pro.

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