Eufy takes aim at Ring with a HomeKit-friendly smart camera, and plenty more

And take a look at that smart lock...

Eufy takes aim at Ring
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Hot on the heels of Amazon and Google's big fall hardware events, Eufy, a company that is fast becoming one to watch in the smart home space, held its own event to announce a slew of new products.

Among the many announcements made at the Anker On Board event on 22 October (Anker is Eufy's parent company) was the EufyCam 2, an upgrade to its wireless, battery-powered outdoor security camera system (think Arlo but cheaper), a smart lock with a fingerprint reader, a battery powered doorbell and an alarm keypad.

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Combined with its existing products - a wired doorbell, the recently-released Eufy Smart Floodlight Camera and its door window sensors, Eufy is shaping up to be a serious Ring competitor.

Here's a look at what we know about each of these products, including pricing, features, and when you can get them.

Eufy announces a slew of new smart home products to take on Ring

EufyCam 2

This battery-powered, two camera plus a base station kit, claims the same 365-day battery life as the original Eufy Cam, alongside the 1080p video quality and night vision. New is smart image enhancement and compatibility with Alexa, Google Assistant and HomeKit.

Plus, it will also feature Apple's HomeKit Secure Video. The cameras comes with a 16GB microSD card that stores up to one-year’s worth of recordings and require no monthly fees.

EufyCam 2 will cost $349 (for two cameras and a base station) and is available for pre-order at Best Buy next month.

Eufy ups the smart home game with new lock, doorbell and HomeKit security cameras

Eufy Video Doorbell (battery powered)

Following up on its excellent wired doorbell (which we reviewed here), Eufy is giving battery-powered a try. It’s signature extra long-battery life is on show here, with one charge purportedly lasting up to half a year.

Video resolution is 2K with WDR (wide dynamic range) and the same local storage, person-detection, and Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility as the wired-version. But no HomeKit here.

The battery-powered video doorbell will be available early 2020 for $199.

Eufy ups the smart home game with new lock, doorbell and HomeKit security cameras

Eufy Security Smart Lock

Eufy is bringing something stylish with its first door lock.

Boasting a fingerprint lock and designed to unlock your door in a third of a second, this modern-looking black and grey lock also has a 10-button keypad, claims a year of battery life, plus features IP65 waterproof chops.

It's also compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, but not HomeKit, and is due out in the first quarter of 2020 for $169.

Eufy announces a slew of new smart home products to take on Ring

Eufy Security Alarm Keypad

For the old-school among us who need a physical device for our security system, Eufy is making a battery-powered keypad to work with all its security products.

Eufy doesn't have an audible alarm in its line-up, but it does have door and window sensors that presumably this will work with, although it does claim to have "customized security modes, a private and stable connection, and a panic button," but there's no mention of monitored security.

The keypad will cost $40 and comes out December 2019.

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