FluidClock Wake is a smart alarm clock that keeps things simple

Are clock faces the new watch faces?

FluidClock Wake keeps things simple
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The Amazon Echo Spot proved there's space on our bedside tables for something a little more connected than a retro alarm clock. And now FluidClock wants to provide the indie alternative.

It's a Wi-Fi connected alarm clock that's in development, pre-Kickstarter. It can show customisable clock faces on the multi-colour, dot matrix display as well as other info such as the weather, train times, stocks or your YouTube subscriber count.

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You can set multiple alarms quickly and easily in the companion app and adjust the actual alarm to be ten times louder than a smartphone alarm.

FluidClock is a smart alarm clock that keeps things simple

There's three configurable buttons on the device, automatic time setting over Wi-Fi plus an ambient light sensor that auto adjusts the alarm clock to a preset 'night face' when you turn the lights off - nifty.

We said it's in development. The founder Cameron (who goes by casperboi3 on Reddit and is based in Calgary, Canada) has built a working model and posted the project on the Home Automation subreddit, as spotted by GearBrain.

"I was searching for an alarm clock for my room and found all alarm clocks I saw either didn't look good, or they were complicated to set," he wrote in his initial post.

He's looking for beta testers for 10 3D printed units of the FluidClock Wake prototype. The plan is then to go to Kickstarter for a crowdfunding campaign and launch. And as you'd expect Redditors have been very vocal with requests for an open API and extras like Alexa integration.

The FluidClock site also features a FluidClock Pro device that can be wall mounted, available in larger sizes and is aimed at businesses and larger buildings.

If you're interested, you can sign up for the FluidClock Wake beta here.

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