Ikea finally brings smart blinds to a limited number of US stores

After repeated delays, some US shoppers can now pick up the blinds in-store

Ikea's smart blinds finally roll out
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Some US customers can finally pick up Ikea's smart blinds after repeated delays, with the Fyrtur blinds are available in select stores now.

Initially planned for an April release, and then for an early October unveiling, the radio silence from Ikea is over. Now, customers are confirming that certain stores are stocking them.

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For now, the list, first spotted by HomeKit Hero, has a pretty limited quality to it: a couple of stores in California, the odd one in Colorado and a few others. That suggests, obviously, this isn't exactly a wide rollout, and Ikea itself is still keeping quiet in terms of wider availability.

The blinds still aren't available to purchase online, and customers on Reddit are reporting that the stores have limited and unpredictable stock, so we wouldn't recommend making too far of a pilgrimage to try to pick the blinds up if you've been waiting for them.

Using Ikea's own stock tracker on the Fyrtur's online store page suggests the blinds are available to buy in-store only, but with none of the stores actually displaying stock.

The Fyrtur will cost between between $129 and $179, depending on sizing and options, when it does eventually launch more widely, and comes with Google Assistant support baked in. Ikea says that Alexa compatibility will come in due course, too.

The blinds have launched in Europe already, making the stateside delay all the more confounding.

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