Nanoleaf Shapes adds Triangles to the stylish smart lighting mix

The latest Nanoleaf panels are compatible with the Hexagon Shapes

Nanoleaf Shapes adds Triangles to the mix
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Smart light maker Nanoleaf has always done things a little differently from Philips Hue and co, eschewing traditional bulbs and instead focusing on modular lighting tiles that affix to the wall to form interesting patterns.

Back at CES the Canadian company showed off the (what it was calling them at the time) Hexagon Unified Light Panels. These panels allow you to slot different shapes together to form unique patterns.

Nanoleaf decided that the Shapes branding was a much less clunky name and the first product off the belt - the Hexagon Nanoleaf Shapes went on sale earlier this year.

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And now we've got the second shape for the, er, Shapes range: Triangles. There's actually two sizes of the Triangle as well. A Triangle bonanza.

The Nanoleaf Triangles, like the Hexagons, connect together on the fly and work as touch panels that you can tap to trigger lighting scenes.

Nanoleaf Shapes adds Triangles to the stylish smart lighting mix

They play nicely with HomeKit, Google Assistant, SmartThings and Alexa.

You can even use them to control other connected smart home devices in a HomeKit system, and there's a nifty Screen Mirror feature whereby you can 'reflect' your TV or gaming monitor activity in real time.

Interestingly, given that the HomePod Mini has just launched with a Thread radio, the Nanoleaf Triangles are also Thread compatible.

Like the previous Shapes, the Triangles simply stick onto the wall using pre-set adhesive pads and it really is a piece of cake putting them together... I've got some Hexagons in my daughter's bedroom which took me no time at all to get sorted.

The good news is that Nanoleaf says that more Shapes will go live over the coming months.

A 5-pack Nanoleaf Triangles pack costs $119.99 and is available now from

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