Amazon's new Echo Show 5 and 8 are supercharged for video calling

Next-gen smart speaker displays from Amazon announced

Amazon's new Echo Show 5 and 8 announced
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Following hot on the heels of the Echo Show 10, Amazon has taken the covers off of the 2nd-gen Echo Show 8 and 5.

Amazon's latest small and mid-sized smart speakers with displays – don't look a great deal different to their predecessors but there's been a number of big improvements on the inside.

The Echo Show 8 (main image, above) has, as the name suggests, an 8-inch HD display with adaptive color tech, a fabric clad dual stereo speaker and a 13MP front facing camera for video calls.

Like the Echo Show 10, this camera can pan and zoom for video calling - although there's none of that creepy nonsense from the 10 whereby the screen itself follows you around the room.

Powered by a new octo-core processor, the Echo Show 8 is the same price as the previous generation model at £119.99.

The new Show 8 slots right in the middle between the flagship Echo Show 10, priced at £249, and the new Echo Show 5, which is available for £74.99, which is actually cheaper than the previous Show 5 was.

The new Echo Show 5 2021 model

The new Echo Show 5 2021 model

The new Echo Show 5 doesn't have the panning and zooming skills of the 8, but there is an improved HD camera on board and it comes in three new colors: Charcoal, Glacier White, and the new Deep Sea Blue.

In the US, for $10 more, you can get an Echo Show 5 Kids Edition, with an animal print on the rear fabric.

All of the Echo Show range are primed for an array of display based Alexa Skills, including video calling, a smart home control panel, visual feedback on questions, and, of course, watching movies and TV with Prime Video and Netflix - you'll need a workaround to watch YouTube on an Echo Show.

If you're concerned about that front facing camera constantly watching you then fear not - as there is a physical camera cover for both the 5 and the 8.

You can also use that camera to check in on your house when you're and about - a warning comes up on the display stating the camera is in use though, so it's not for you Peeping Toms.

Both the new Echo Show 8 and the new Echo Show 5 are available to order now.

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