Somfy Outdoor Camera has a siren to warn off intruders - and it's available now

A 110dB siren should be loud enough to scare off any burglars

Somfy Outdoor Camera is available now
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Back at CES in January French smart home company Somfy announced a gamut of connected devices, including the Somfy Outdoor Camera. That smart security camera is now available to buy for those of you in the UK.

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The Somfy Outdoor Camera is unique in that it comes with a 110dB siren built in, making it a more preventative guardian of the smart home. Should it detect an intruder, the owners will receive a photo/video alert on their smartphone. They'll then have the choice to speak to the trespasser (either live or with a pre-recorded message), send instructions to the remote monitoring service, or activate the siren alarm.

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Somfy says it has an automatic detection feature in the pipeline too. This will be able to detect the difference between an animal and human and, should it detect an intruder, sound the alarm without a prompt. The feature will be launching in beta soon, and Somfy says all camera buyers will get it with an update.

The cam has Full HD with HDR, a 130-degree field of view, 8x zoom function and night vision. It also knows when the home owners have arrived back and will automatically power down - but you'll get a notification reminding you to switch it back on when you leave again. As for installation, the camera can be plugged into a mains power socket, connected to a electrical power input or attached to an existing outdoor fixture.

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The camera costs £249 and there's a 24/7 guard and remote surveillance service available for an additional £4.99 per month. Otherwise, you'll still get a 10-second video captured and stored in the cloud any time an intrusion is detected, which you'll be able to retrieve for free for 24 hours.

If you're in the UK, Somfy says you can pick up the camera from "major retailers" and professional installers, but oddly doesn't appear to be selling it on its website.

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