The week in smart home: Netgear spins off Arlo and more

Arlo is now a separate company, plus a look back at the week

The week in smart home: Arlo on its own
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It's been another busy week in the world of the smart home. Philips went ahead and debuted the Adore, a lighting fixture built for bathrooms. JBL's Smart Display went up for pre-order and Google might be looking to turn Pixels into ad-hoc Smart Displays to boot.

We saw a number of other feature and product debuts as well. LG's new set of smart ACs and Honeywell's new security system are both available. Meanwhile Ecobee added a new feature called Peak Relief, and Neato added multi-floor mapping. Then there was Sonos making headlines, confirming that Google Assistant will make its way to its speakers before the year is out.

But that's not all that happened this week. Take a gander below to check out some of the other smart home stories from the past seven days.

Arlo is now its own company

The week in smart home: Netgear spins off Arlo and more

Arlo has been Netgear's home security brand for some time now, and one that's proven very strong in recent years. So strong, in fact, that Netgear announced back in February that it would spin off the company.

And now it's happened. Arlo is now its own company trading on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol "ARLO" (how cute!).

So what does this mean for Arlo and its products moving forward? Well, Arlo currently leans on device sales to make most of its money. In the run up to its IPO though, Arlo's executive team has been talking about shifting it to a services company.

Services purchased with recurring monthly payments will give Arlo a steady stream of revenue, which will make Wall Street and its new investors happy. That likely means we'll see Arlo focus a bit more on AI and cloud services rather than hardware.

August has a million users

The week in smart home: Netgear spins off Arlo and more

August is one of the big names in the smart home business, and now it's got some big numbers to prove it. The company recently announced that it has 1 million users for its companion app.

It also shed some light into people who use that app. August says there's a 4:1 ratio of users to locks. That means, according to Dale Pistilli, August's VP of marketing and sales, that there are about 300,000 August smart locks in use.

Hence, August sees it serving two masters: lock owners and guests who use the locks. The company says it has had success partnering with the likes of AirBnB, making it easier for renters to grant access to guests in their home and not having to worry about the physical location of a key.

The other thing that's helped it is integration with all smart home services, from Alexa to Google Assistant to HomeKit and beyond. In the future, August sees door lock integration with smart doorbells as a key area. That will take some work, however.

Smart homes are growing quicker and quicker

The week in smart home: Netgear spins off Arlo and more

Start spreading the news: Smart homes are booming. The Consumer Technology Association released its 2018 mid-year study and found that American homes are quickly adapting and turning into smart homes.

There are a number of factors contributing to this, according to the CTA. There's tax reform, low unemployment and wage growth, which is helping fuel a strong economy and putting more money into people's pockets, which means they're more willing to buy smart home products.

There's also an increased number of smart devices that are integrated into different smart home systems. Whether you're in Apple's, Amazon's or Google's world, you've got a number of devices to choose from. A lot of these devices work with all three of the main smart home ecosystems too.

From smart Wi-Fi to door bells to door locks to lights and thermostats, CTA estimates there will be 41.2 million smart home devices moved in 2018. That's a 43% jump from 2017. In total, these smart home devices will earn $4.6 billion, which is a 36% increase from last year.

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