Amazon's new Eero mesh Wi-Fi system stops short of being all-out Alexa

Latest Eero device works with the digital assistant, but it's not baked in

Amazon's new Eero mesh Wi-Fi system
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It's not surprising that Amazon took the covers off of a new Eero mesh Wi-Fi system at its big hardware event - the tech giant launched approximately 745 new products, after all - but it is surprising that the first Eero system since the buy-out doesn't have Alexa built in.

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Unlike the Netgear Orbi mesh system, which has Alexa built in and effectively doubles up as a smart speaker, the new Eero (from $99) simply works with Alexa, via a skill and a dedicated Alexa device, such as an Echo speaker.

New Eero mesh Wi-Fi
New Eero mesh Wi-Fi

It seems like a bit of a missed opportunity from Amazon, especially given how easy it is to cram Alexa into even the smallest, cheapest devices now, such as the new Echo Flex.

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However, the good news is that the new Eero, which replaces your router in the quest for whole home Wi-Fi coverage, does have some pretty nifty Alexa features, including specific commands for your home network.

Think, "Alexa, turn off the kids' Wi-Fi"; "Alexa, turn off Wi-Fi access for the Xbox," and so on.

A single Eero gives you 140 square feet of coverage, but team up a three-pack and you're looking at over 400 square feet of coverage.

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Additional modules can be added over Wi-Fi or, better still, using an Ethernet connection.

Wi-Fi mesh systems are big business now, with households getting ever greedier for decent data coverage and bandwidth. That's why Amazon snapped up Eero earlier this year.

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Eero was one of the first mesh Wi-Fi companies to blanket homes in connectivity and get rid of annoying dead spots.

The new Eero comes in at $99 for a single device, or $249 for a pack of three.

They're available to buy right now in the US and will be available in Europe and Canada in November.

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