The Week in Smart Home: Amazon's Ring may finally get HomeKit

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The Week in Smart Home
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It's been a tumultuous few days in the smart home, following last week's bombshell news that Google is killing Works with Nest. This week the company clarified that existing integrations will live on after the switchover, meaning it will keep the service on life support.

It was also this week that Sonos speakers finally got Google Assistant - and we've revamped our Sonos One review to reflect our thoughts on the update. How do Alexa and Google Assistant get along under one roof? You'll have to read it and find out. For everything else that went down this week, head to our dedicated news page.

For the smaller stories that didn't make headlines, read on...

The Week in Smart Home: Amazon's Ring may finally get HomeKit\

Ring may finally get HomeKit support

Amazon-owned smart home company Ring has long promised to bring HomeKit support to devices, but still we wait. There was a glimmer of hope this week however, as the company received HomeKit certification for its Spotlight Cam and Video Doorbell Pro.

Now, it was pointed out that this was a self-certification, meaning the company still needs the stamp of approval from Apple. That means there's still no guarantee it will happen, but it's a promising sign of movement. Still, as 9to5Mac points out, August got self-certified on HomeKit long ago, and still there's no sign of it.

The Week in Smart Home: Amazon's Ring may finally get HomeKit support

LG develops AI for the future smart home

LG is making a bigger play for the smart home, this week announcing a new artificial intelligence chip that will be used for future devices like robot vacuums, air conditioners and more. The company said the chip has a neural engine that will help devices better understand the space around it.

“The AI Chip incorporates visual intelligence to better recognize and distinguish space, location, objects and users while voice intelligence accurately recognizes voice and noise characteristics while product intelligence enhances the capabilities of the device by detecting physical and chemical changes in the environment,” the company wrote in a press release. TechCrunch has more details.

The Week in Smart Home: Amazon's Ring may finally get HomeKit support

Sengled knocks down prices of its smart bulbs

We love a good smart bulb here at The Ambient, and all the more when it's cheap. This week Sengled knocked down the price of its range of smart lights, bringing the Wi-Fi white bulb down to just $15 at Best Buy and the color-changing option to $25 over on Amazon (we're not sure why the price change isn't reflected across all the sites).

That's low enough to undercut cheaper brands like Lifx - and certainly a lot less than Philips Hue.

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Roborock S4 - Save $40
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Blink XT2 2-Pack - Save $45 (Prime exclusive)
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