HomeKit compatibility incoming for Ikea Trådfri Shortcut Button & Motion Sensor

New Gateway firmware will mean more Apple Home fun for Trådfri users

HomeKit for Ikea Button and Motion Sensor
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Good news for people who have their Ikea Trådfri systems living within Apple's HomeKit: a new Gateway update will add HomeKit control for both the Ikea Trådfri Shortcut Button and the Motion Sensor.

The added HomeKit compatibility will arrive as part of a new firmware update for the Trådfri Gateway and was spotted by the guys over at iCulture.

Of course, it's been possible to connect your Ikea Trådfri smart bulbs to an Apple HomeKit system for a while now, but the story when it comes to accessories and sensors isn't so straightforward.

And, as the arrival of HomeKit support for the smart motion sensor and the smart home control button comes as part of a firmware update for the Trådfri Gateway, you've probably guessed by now that you'd need that Ikea smart home hub in place - this isn't a direct connection between the Trådfri accessories and a HomeKit Hub such as a HomePod, Apple TV or iPad.

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While people have had some, limited and spotty, success getting these accessories working independently of a Gateway, such as with a SmartThings Hub, it's a much more seamless affair if you keep things in-house with Ikea.

Ikea's Motion Sensor is solely for use with Trådfri lights, letting you activate bulbs when movement is detected.

However, you don't actually need a Gateway to connect a sensor to a Trådfri bulb, they can simply pair for basic automations.

Ikea's shortcut button (only available in Europe at the moment) lets your program pre-set controls for your connected devices, giving you another option for controlling your tech, aside from the app and your voice.

We'll keep an eye on the Gateway firmware update and let you know when it lands.

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