Ring announces new Indoor Cam, Stick-Up Cam, and plenty more

'Modes' come to Ring app to let you turn off your cameras when you're home

New Ring Indoor Cam launches
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Ring got some space on the stage at parent-company Amazon’s big hardware event this week, with the home security company announcing four new products along with some new software features.

Most notable is the doorbell purveyor's first indoor-only camera, the Ring Indoor Cam, a teeny, tiny little smart camera that can fit pretty much anywhere. While not as small or as cheap as the Wyze Cam, it's as adjustable and at $59 is the least expensive entry into the Ring ecosystem to date.

The Indoor Cam can be placed on a flat surface or mounted on a wall and features up to 1080p HD video, night vision, two-way talk and motion-activated recording.

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Thankfully, you can disable motion and audio recording from the app, a much-needed feature, which is coming to all Ring’s cameras courtesy of Modes (see below). An indicator light displays whenever the camera is recording or in Live View.

The Ring Indoor Camera is available today, 25 September, in the US, and comes to Europe early next year.

ring new devices

Ring Stick-Up Cam gets a refresh

The indoor/outdoor home security camera Ring Stick-Up Cam gets a small refresh for its third generation, but most importantly a big price cut, now costing $99 as opposed to $179.99.

It still comes in three power options: Plug-in ($99), battery ($99) and solar ($149), and still offers up to 1080p HD video, motion detection, night vision, two-way talk and a wide viewing angle.

Ring Indoor Cam
Ring Indoor Cam

The refresh mainly makes it compatible with Ring's new software features. It’s also available for pre-order 25 September and ships on 23 Oct.

ring new devices

Modes comes to all Ring devices

On the software side, Ring is introducing Modes to its cameras and video doorbells. Coming November to the Ring app, Modes – which is currently a feature in Ring Alarm – lets you customize how your Ring cameras operate using three different settings: Home, Away or Disarmed.

In Disarmed mode all cameras will stop detecting motion and prevent access to Live View. In Home mode, indoor cameras will not detect motion or provide Live View, but outdoor cameras remain active. In Away mode all your cameras will be on and guarding.

ring new devices

Doorbell Concierge launches

Ring’s Video Doorbell Elite Doorbell is getting an Alexa-enabled smart concierge. Called Doorbell Concierge, you can use Alexa to speak on your behalf, say to tell the FedEx guy to leave the package on the porch, or door-to-door salesman to go away, politely.

The feature will be available on Ring Elite Doorbells in early 2020.

ring new devices

Ring Alarm goes retrofit

For those with old fashioned hardwired security systems in their homes who are itching to upgrade but don’t want to throw away all their existing gear, Ring has a simple plug and play solution.

The Ring Retrofit Alarm kit will connect existing legacy home security systems’ wired contact sensors to the Ring Alarm security’s system. It's coming in November for $199.

Ring helps out Fido

Finally, Ring introduced Fetch – its first pet wearable. Fetch clips to your pet’s collar and connects to your smartphone device to monitor your pet’s activity levels and location, pinging you if your pet strays outside a boundary you set.

At launch, Fetch won’t be able to track your pet beyond your perimeter, but once Amazon’s newly announced Sidewalk smart home protocol catches on, Fetch should be able to provide real-time location information to help you find your pet.

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