Samsung and Spotify are teaming up to let you listen to music anywhere

Now your music will follow you everywhere

Samsung and Spotify are teaming up
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For the past couple of years, Samsung has been talking about how the number of appliances and devices it sells makes it a unique player in the smart home game. It is one of the few that can seamlessly connect pretty much every device in your home.

At its Galaxy Unpacked 2018 event, Samsung unveiled a new music partnership with Spotify, showing off what that seamless smart home connectivity looks like. On the heels of showing off the new Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Home smart speaker, Samsung and Spotify showed off how all those devices play together.

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Essentially, Samsung and Spotify are working on a long-term partnership to bring Spotify to every smart Samsung device you can think of. Yes, even refrigerators. Each Samsung device is aware of each other, so when you're in the vicinity of one you'll get prompts to continue your music.

For instance, if you were listening to Spotify on your Note 9 and came home, you'd get a prompt to start the music on your Samsung TV. If you made your way to the kitchen, you'd get a similar prompt. If you wanted to transfer the music to your Galaxy Home speaker for some better sound, just tap the play button on the top of the speaker.

It's unclear if you can ask Bixby to move the sound around, but Samsung wanted to show off that its system mostly does everything itself without you thinking too hard.

Samsung's number of devices is one of the few things that give it an edge in the smart home, and it's nice to see it finally put it together into something that seems genuinely useful - though we'd still rather not play Spotify on our fridge.

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