How to reboot Google Home, Max, Mini and Hub

Google's speaker causing you trouble? Time for a reset

How to reboot Google Home

If you're a Google Home owner, you'll know that there's been more than a couple of instances where your smart speaker suffered an outage. Whether it's a software issue or some temporary internet problems, rebooting will generally solve your woes.

Even if you've not had to reset things yet, it's still good to know how to reboot your Google Home, regardless. While Google's devices seem a little less prone to glitches than Amazon's range, they're certainly not infallible.

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So, if you need to give your Google Home a reboot, whether it's the regular, Home Max, Home Mini or Home Hub, just follow the steps below.

To reboot…

1) With your phone on the same Wi-Fi as your Home device, open the Google Home app.
2) Tap Devices at the top right corner of the screen (the little icon that looks like a screen and a speaker).
3) Scroll to the Home device you want to reboot, then tap the three dots in the corner of that card.
4) Tap Settings.
5) When you're in the Settings page, tap the three dots at the top right, then hit Reboot.

That should do it. Google also suggests unplugging the Home device and leaving it to stand for a minute or so before plugging it back in, should that help matters. We know, the off-on thing seems almost too obvious, but it's worked enough times for us to mention it here.

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