Google will reportedly release its own Smart Display by the end of the year

Google's Smart Display strategy takes from the Android playbook

Google is making its own Smart Display

Google has thus far used the Android strategy to push its new Smart Displays. First, it created a new operating system called Android Things, and then it partnered up with the likes of LG and others to make Smart Displays.

And now, according to Nikkei, Google is looking to create its own Smart Display. Think of it as the Nexus or Pixel of the Smart Display world. It would likely release by the end of the year, just in time for the holiday shopping season.

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Nikkei doesn't have any details on what Google's own Smart Display could do. If Google follows the Android or Wear OS strategies, it's likely the company will marry its software and services with the hardware and provide exclusive, AI-powered features to its own Smart Display to differentiate it from the rest of the pack.

A Google-made Smart Display would help round out Google's own smart speaker lineup. On the low end, there's the Google Home Mini. There's the flagship regular Google Home and then there's the Google Home Max, a high-end speaker that's aimed at delivering music. It would also give Google a more direct competitor to the Echo Show.

Smart Displays basically add a visual layer to Google Assistant. You can see your weather reports and recipes and other information. Plus, you can play YouTube and YouTube TV and even use the Smart Display as an option you can cast movies and TV shows from your smartphone.

Thus far, Lenovo's Smart Display is the cream of the crop. It'll be interesting to see how Google approaches its own platform, and whether they can top the kitchen-perfect design of Lenovo's effort.

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