How to control your TV with Alexa: Use your Echo with a Fire TV stick

Far-field voice control for Prime, Netflix and more

Control Amazon Fire TV using Echo
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If you have an Amazon Echo speaker and an Amazon Fire TV stick or box, you can control your TV through the power of Alexa.

No matter if you have standard Echo, an Echo Dot or another Echo device, you've got the option to control your viewing or access your security camera feeds using just your voice - as long as it's in the same room as the the television you've got your Fire TV plugged into.

Try these: The best Alexa commands

Plus, if your smart TV supports HDMI-CEC, you'll also be able to power it on from standby simply by saying a Fire TV command. Learn how to do it all with our complete guide.

Connect Echo to Fire TV

Connecting Fire TV to an Echo speaker

It's super simple to get started. In fact, if you've only got one Fire TV device, simply using a compatible command will automatically pair an Echo device to it.

For example, if you've got an Echo Dot in your living room and you say, "Alexa, watch Stranger Things," then the Dot will instantly pair up with the only Fire TV it can find in your Alexa account.

You can link multiple Alexa devices to the same Fire TV, but only one Alexa device at a time can control a Fire TV; handy if you've got a pair of Echo speakers either side of your couch, for example.

If you do have more than one Fire TV, you'll need to jump into the Alexa app to pair your devices, like so.

Pair Fire TV to Alexa

1. Open the Alexa app, open the sidebar menu and select Settings.
2. Scroll down to TV & Video and select Fire TV.
3. Follow the in-app instructions.
4. Select 'Link Devices' to confirm your selection.

You can view and manage your linked devices from the Alexa app at any time. Go back to Settings from the menu, select TV & Video, select your linked Fire TV, and then select Manage devices.

One interesting note: while you can fire up a smart home security camera feed (from a Ring Cam, for example) by saying, "Alexa, show me the [room name]", if your paired Echo device has a screen – i.e. is a Show or Spot – that device will default as the playback device for that command.

Far-field control of Fire TV works on all generations of Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, and all models of Echo speaker can be paired up.

Alexa Fire TV commands

Using Fire TV with an Echo speaker

Once synced up, you'll have access to an absolute wealth of new Alexa functionality - mostly focused on streaming TV, obviously, but there's also the security camera access we've just mentioned:

"Alexa, watch [movie title]"
“Alexa, pause"
"Alexa, fast forward [x] minutes"
"Alexa, rewind [x] seconds."
"Alexa, next / next Episode."
"Alexa, turn it down on Fire TV."
"Alexa, show me movies with [actor's name]"
"Alexa, open Netflix”
"Alexa, show me popular show on [app]"
"Alexa, go to [channel / network] on [app]"

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