How to change Alexa's name and voice

Starting to feel like a broken record?

How to change Alexa's name and voice

It’s the age of the smart assistant, and yet sometimes we can't help feel like we're the robots. Not in some existential, chin-scratchy kind of way; we just mean that barking the same commands time and time again, and hearing the same responses in turn, can get very monotonous.

Thankfully, Amazon offers a few ways to add some variation - including the ability to change Alexa's name and voice.

And the best news is that it’s all really easy to do. Here’s how...

How to change Alexa’s name

Sick of saying Alexa’s name? Done with anthropomorphizing the black cylinder in your kitchen? Scared you might fall in love? You are in love? Well, customization options are very limited, but you can change the wake word from “Alexa” to “Echo”, “Amazon”, or “Computer” (for doing your best Jean-Luc Picard impression).

1) In the app menu, select Alexa Devices.

2) Choose the device for which you want to change the wake word.

3) Tap on Wake Word.

4) Choose the one you want, then hit OK.

Once you’ve done that, Alexa’s colored light will turn orange for a brief moment to signal its transition to the new wake word. Once that's done, it should start responding to its new name.

How to change Alexa's name and accent

How to change Alexa’s voice or accent

It’s still baffling that Alexa can’t even have a male voice, but there are other ways to switch it up if you’re sick of the same tones and intonations. If you’ve ever fancied giving your Echo a more sophisticated British accent (I may be biased on this point) or an Aussie twang, you can do so. You can also have Alexa speak English in an Indian accent.

Listen here: What all of Alexa's accents sound like

But be warned, Alexa's brain is also localized to where you set it, meaning a change in accent may pull up different answers, so it may "break" the experience a little.

1) In the app menu, select Alexa Devices.

2) Choose the device you're going to change.

3) Scroll down and tap on Languages.

4) Hit the drop-down box and choose the language you want.

5) Hit Save changes.

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