How to set up Personal Requests for Siri on Apple HomePod

For your messages, reminders, notes and more

How to use Personal Requests on HomePod
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If you've got an iPhone and an Apple HomePod, you'll have no doubt seen Personal Requests – this is the feature that lets you interact with your iOS device via Siri on the smart speaker.

It's pretty useful in that it allows you to send and receive messages, add reminders, create notes and check calendars, all via your voice and iCloud. Just know that by turning it on, that means anyone talking to the HomePod can do the same thing – that is, use your iPhone remotely.

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That's because Apple doesn't have an equivalent yet to Google's Voice Match, whereby Assistant is able to identify who is speaking and serve them their own Google accounts. So maybe just don't tell your guests/friends/children how these commands work.

How to set up Personal Requests on HomePod

This is fairly straightforward and you may have already turned on Personal Requests.

  • Make sure the iOS device and the HomePod are signed into the same Apple ID and connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Next, make sure the iPhone/iPad is your primary device for Share My Location, i.e your main Apple device. To do this, on your iPhone/iPad, go to Settings then [your name] then go to iCloud. Here you can turn on Share My Location, then hit From and select This Device. Done.
  • Make sure Siri is turned on for both the iOS device and the HomePod. On the iPhone, go to Settings then Siri & Search. Pick Press Home for Siri or Listen for Hey Siri (or both).
  • For the HomePod, you need to open the Home app on your iPhone. Then press and hold HomePod and hit Details. In this case, both Touch and Hold for Siri and Listen for Hey Siri need to be turned on.
  • Finally, the Siri language on the iPhone needs to be a language that is supported by Siri on HomePod.
  • Okay, open the Home app again. Tap the icon of a white arrow in the mauve circle then find your name under People. Hit Personal Requests under Siri on HomePod and you can turn it on via the green slider button. (This is also how you turn it off.) That's a bingo.

How to set up Personal Requests for Siri on Apple HomePod

Siri commands to try – Personal Requests

Once Personal Requests is turned on, you can get going.

Here are some Siri commands to try:


  • Hey Siri, send a message to James Stables > [content of message] > Yes/no (to send)
  • Hey Siri, do I have any new messages?
  • Hey Siri, read my messages from Julie
  • Hey Siri, send a message to James Stables and Julie > [content of message] > Yes/no


  • Hey Siri, what does my day look like?
  • Hey Siri, do I have any meetings at 1pm?
  • Hey Siri, where's my 5pm meeting?
  • Hey Siri, create an event called Time Crisis marathon with Helene for tomorrow at 8pm


  • Hey Siri, remind me to clean the kitchen
  • Hey Siri, add chocolate milk to my Grocery List
  • Hey Siri, remind me to go the post office when I leave the house
  • Hey Siri, mark clean the kitchen as complete


  • Hey Siri, create a new note > [content of note]
  • Hey Siri, create a new note called Rome Research
  • Hey Siri, add The Great Beauty to my Rome Research note

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