Echo Flex is a smart plug that extends Alexa's reach throughout your home

It's an Echo-plug hybrid with a built-in speaker

The Echo Flex extends Alexa's reach
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Amazon has Echo speakers. It also has its own Amazon Smart Plug. But what if you blended those two into one device? That's essentially the Echo Flex.

The Flex is a small box you plug directly into an outlet, and has a built-in speaker, which Alexa can answer through. Amazon says that speaker has been "optimized" to make Alexa sound clear, despite its size.

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There's also a USB port you can use to charge a phone or other device while the Flex is plugged in, or add one of two attachments – a motion sensor or LED night light.

Ultimately this is about extending Alexa's reach across the home, to places like your garage or bathroom – spaces where Amazon's speakers haven't reached so easily, and likely the only rooms you'd want to stick this thing in, as it's not high in the style-stakes.

It all folds into the idea of the ambient home, where Alexa can hear you no matter where you are. In fact, the Flex has a similar philosophy to the Echo Dot, but blends a little better into the background.

The Echo Flex will cost $24.99 and is up for pre-order now. It joins the new Echo Studio and plenty more, which you can find below.

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