Roku announces cheaper smart soundbar and subwoofer with Walmart

The bar and subwoofer will form part of Walmart's Onn range

Roku launches budget soundbar setup
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Roku and Walmart have announced a new pair of smart speakers to launch in the coming weeks - the Onn Roku Smart Soundbar and Onn Roku Smart Subwoofer.

Both will cost $129, and are effectively budget versions of the Roku Smart Soundbar and Subwoofer announced at IFA this year, which cost $179 each.

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The Onn Smart Soundbar, like its more expensive cousin, has Roku Connect on board for easy connections to other Roku devices, and brings the Roku streaming system to your TV without the need for another device or stick. It connects via HDMI, meaning it will work with any TV.

On the sound side, it has Dolby Audio, although Roku hasn't confirmed whether it has the same four 2.5-inch speakers as the more expensive version. It also doubles as a Bluetooth speaker when needed.

Roku announces cheaper smarts soundbar and subwoofer with Walmart

Unlike the more expensive Roku version, though, it won't come with a voice remote, but rather a simple, button-only version. That also means, in case you're wondering, there's no smart assistant support built inside, either.

You'll still be able to use the Roku mobile app to control your streaming service, however, and to listen to private audio via headphones, if desired.

The Onn Smart Subwoofer, meanwhile, is an optional extra to be paired with the Soundbar, bringing added oomph on the bass front, if you're looking for a more immersive home viewing experience.

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It connects to the Soundbar via Wi-Fi, and hogs all the bass production in your TV setup, regardless of its position in a room.

With Amazon also announcing a soundbar of its own recently, Roku's clearly aware that competition is heating up in this area.

Exact release dates haven't yet been detailed, but the two speakers should be available "in the coming weeks", according to Roku.

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