Sonos One just got three new limited edition colours

Thanks to a collaboration with Danish design company Hay

Sonos One gets three new colours

The Sonos One is already one of our favourite smart speakers and now it's looking that much sweeter thanks to a series of new colours unveiled at Milan Design Week.

The Alexa (and soon to be Google Assistant) powered speaker will be available not just in the original black and white but three new colours - red, green and an especially yellow - as part of a collaboration with Danish furniture and accessories brand Hay. (If you're familiar with Hay, you'll know that the new Sonos One models will look right at home on one of Hay's side tables amongst some primary coloured kitchenware).

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So far, so sold. But there's a couple of things that slightly suck here. Firstly, Sonos and Hay are showing off pale pink and grey colours to the Milan design crowds but don't seem to be making plans to sell these - which is a shame as they look lovely too.

Also the fresh red, green and yellow models will be limited edition when they go on sale in September - no details yet on how many will be available - and come at a premium, costing $229 over the regular $199. You'll be able to pick them up at Sonos stores and the Hay House store in Copenhagen.

Sonos One just got five new limited edition colours

The idea seems to be that Sonos wants its speaker to blend seamlessly into stylish homes. "With Hay... we found a partner with whom to explore the evolving role of sound as an architectural element in the home," said Tad Toulis, Sonos' vice president of design.

And Hay co-founder Mette Hay said that the palette wasn't chosen simply to be beautiful but also to mix with other items in the home by disappearing or contrasting. She said: "These speakers deserve to be treated like furniture; strong, independent objects that can blend in or stand out – functional accessories for any room that fit different needs and different spaces."

Sonos is leading the way but expect to see more tech and design collaborations as the makers of smart home devices realise that design is a key way to stand out in a sea of (functional) white and black plastic tat.

Source: Dezeen

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