The best Google Home and Assistant smart speakers

We pick out the top devices with the voice assistant built-in

The best Google Assistant speakers
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If you want to build a home controlled by Google Assistant, the best place to start is by choosing your controlling device.

There's a wide range of Google Home smart speakers and plenty more Assistant speakers from third-party companies to fill this job.

In case there's any confusion, these are different from home gadgets and appliances that are compatible with Google Assistant - those only become voice-controlled when you have a controller device to connect and talk to.

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Read on for our top pick of speakers with Google Assistant inside - because it's no longer a case of Google Home or nothing.

The Google Home range

Let's start with Google's own series of Assistant-powered smart speakers...

The best Google Home and Assistant speakers

Google Nest Mini

Buy now: | $49,

The Google Nest Mini is a pebble-shaped smart speaker, and the most affordable of Google's own range. As well as blending into your decor with grey, black, coral and pale blue soft fabric finishes, it makes a neat second speaker around the house. Its Achilles' heel? It's not a powerful sound and there's no 3.5mm out to your existing speakers, which its rival the Amazon Echo Dot does have.

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The best Google Assistant devices: Speakers and TVs with Assistant inside

Google Home

Buy now: | $129

The original Google Home is still worth considering. It looks inoffensive, with a range of colourful fascias; it's very beginner friendly to set up (with multi room support); and the price is nice. Sound quality, though, is better elsewhere; it's not bad here but depending on the size of the room and how discerning your ears are, you might want to pay more for audio.

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The best Google Assistant devices: Speakers and TVs with Assistant inside

Google Home Max

Buy now: | $399,

At the highest end of Google's Home family is the Max, its premium speaker that goes all-in on punchy, loud, room-filling sound. It is indeed rich and powerful with Bluetooth support but it's also fairly expensive, particularly if you want to pick up two for stereo sound, and the design leaves a little to be desired. Still, if you want a Google-built speaker worthy of your favorite records, this is your only option.

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The best Google Assistant devices: Speakers and TVs with Assistant inside

Nest Hub & Nest Hub Max

Buy now: | $129

What was once called the Google Home Hub is now the Nest Hub - but it's exactly the same device. It's a tiny thing. Its 7-inch display makes it smaller than the speakers below, but it all comes together for the best showcase of this category, in our opinion.

It also doesn't have a camera. If you want that, you should opt for the larger Nest Hub Max, whose 10 inch display also includes a Nest camera, which you can remotely view from your smartphone and make use of its motion detection features. You can also make Duo video calls, and even wave your hands around for some fun (but novelty) gesture controls.

Both displays have an ambient EQ sensor that adjusts the display to the light around it, the result being that photos look fantastic when displayed on the Nest Hubs.

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Third-party Google Assistant speakers

Like Alexa, Google Assistant is starting to turn up in more and more smart speakers built by other companies. The only thing to bear in mind is that first-party Google Home speakers tend to get new Assistant features before others, but otherwise the experience is identical to the one you'll get on a Google Home.

The best Google Home and Assistant speakers

Sonos Move

Buy now: Amazon | $399

Sonos goes portable for the first time with the Move – and it's bringing Google Assistant with it. Well, sort of. The Assistant is built in (as is Alexa, but you can only choose one) and you can use it so long as the Move is on your Wi-Fi. But in Bluetooth mode the Assistant will, sadly, go deaf.

Still, this is a great speaker and the long range of Wi-Fi means you can put the Move just about anywhere in your home and enjoy music and the Assistant uninterrupted. There's a good chance you'll even manage to stretch it to the backyard, something Sonos had in mind when making the Move. Did we mention it also sounds fantastic? Just a shame it costs so much.

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The best Google Home and Assistant speakers

Sonos One

Buy now: Amazon | $199

Sonos' debut smart speaker is still going strong, just slightly tweaked under the hood for 2019 (but you'll barely notice). The biggest update, however, is Google Assistant, which now joins Alexa. You can only have one voice assistant running at a time, but just having the option puts Sonos a cut above most.

The One comes with that typically great Sonos sound, in a smaller and more affordable speaker than the Move. You can pair two together for stereo sound, and the addition of Assistant means you can use this as a Chromecast controller too.

Read our full Sonos One review.

The best Google Home and Assistant speakers

Bose Home Speaker 500

Buy now: Amazon | $399

Like Sonos' speakers, the Bose Home 500 arrived with just Alexa, but the company has since rolled out Google too. And like Sonos, you'll only be able to have one running at a time. That makes a superb speaker even better, putting Google's smarts on top of top-tier audio quality and a lovely-looking speaker.

Our biggest complaint is the price, which puts it neck and neck with the Sonos Move, but you do get the same portability. In fact the only major difference, other than how the sound is tuned, is that small screen, which will display album artwork for a little extra spice.

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The best Google Assistant devices: Speakers and TVs with Assistant inside

Polk Assist

Buy now: Amazon, | $199,

The Polk Assist is a bit larger than the standard Google Home, but it's also a much better speaker, offering multi-room audio and Bluetooth support on top of access to the Assistant. However, think small to medium sized rooms - any larger, and you'll want something more powerful to fill the space.

It's impressive sound for the price, with the option of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and built-in Chromecast.

Read our full Polk Assist review.

The best Google Home and Assistant speakers

LG ThinQ WK7

Buy now: Amazon,| $179.99

LG's first smart speaker may not be the prettiest, but it does give you Google Assistant smarts and audio developed by sound experts Meridian. Coming in charcoal black and resting at 8.3-inches tall and 5.3-inches wide, this bulky, budget customer is able to deliver some serious bass.

That makes it a solid option for anybody who wants Google in their home but not through the sound-weak options in the Home range (or the costly Home Max), with the ThinQ WK7 providing support for Voice Match, multi-room audio and all the other usual Assistant tricks.

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The best Google Home and Assistant speakers

JBL Link

Buy now: Amazon,| From $149.95,

JBL's Link series of Bluetooth speakers now come with Google Assistant built in. Depending on your budget and what you're after, you can choose from the Link 10, Link 20 (both portable and waterproof) and big ol' Link 300 and Link 500, which has a really powerful, room-filling sound.

You can use the wake word for far-field recognition or a dedicated button to trigger the voice assistant. There are four dots that light up on the front to showing the speaker is listening.

However, everything is geared around wireless controls and voice controls so there's no aux-in - that might be a deal breaker if you want an all-in-one that can do everything.

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