Apple will let you control your smart home from the Mac with Mojave

The Home app is coming to the Mac

Apple Home is coming to the Mac
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There wasn't an abundance of announcements at WWDC 2018 relating to the smart home, but one pleasing reveal was that the Home app is coming to macOS Mojave.

Mojave is the next update to Apple's Mac software, and the addition of the Home app means you'll be able to control all your HomeKit devices from the desktop. We got a glimpse of the app at WWDC, which looks largely the same as the one on the iPhone and iPad.

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And with Siri integration on the Mac, you'll be able to call on Apple's assistant to control your smart home devices as you would on the iPhone or HomePod via the power of voice. To get you up to speed, that means you can wield the power of HomeKit, to some extent, on every Apple device. No word on Apple Pencil integration.

Speaking of Siri, Apple announced some improvements to the assistant that should make it more useful around the house. The new Shortcuts feature, arriving in iOS 12, will bake Siri into third-party apps, letting you give custom commands and perform multiple actions with a single command.

The full version of Mojave will arrive in the fall this year, but it'll be available in a public beta by the end of June.

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