Philips' Hue Sync app goes live: Match your smart lights to music, movies and games

This nifty free app is a must try for Hue lit smart homes

Philips' Hue Sync app goes live
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Bored of blank walls? You can now match your Hue smart light bulbs to music, movies and games with the new Philips Hue Sync app. The free immersive lighting app - billed as "surround sound for your eyes" - has just gone live for well, for macOS Sierra and Windows 10 laptops and PCs.

Not only can Hue lights now mimic the colours on screen - red, orange and yellow for a sunset scene etc - which Philips has offered on its Ambilight smart TVs for a while now - but there's also options for smart lights to change to the beat of music tracks. We first tried out the software at CES - the Wonder Woman demo we saw running on Hue Sync was fantastic and needs to be seen in person to be appreciated.

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We know what you're thinking and you can also give your TV the Hue Sync treatment. Right now that involves hooking it up to a laptop or PC via a Google Chromecast streaming stick, HDMI cable, AirPlay and Miracast.

But Signify (the new name for Philips Lighting) has said it's talking to streaming services and other partners about writing light scripts for specific movies and games as per its Coco demo - Hue Sync runs on algorithm based scripts. We'd like to see this feature as an Android TV app, in future, so hopefully those talks go somewhere.

All you need to get going is to download the Hue Sync app then select one of the Audio, Gaming and Movie modes. You can manually tweak the brightness and the speed the lights are changing in the app too - there's Subtle, Moderate, High and Intense modes to choose from.

Hue bulbs and hubs got the upgrade as part of an update in December so there's nothing needed on that end. And even though Hue has some high profile demos, you don't need to seek out specific content for it to work. We also won't judge you if you indulge in the 360-degree music video collab with Disney, Immortals by a cappella heroes DCappella.

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