The Ring Alarm home security system is finally getting out the door

With a brand new name

Ring Alarm finally goes on sale

Ring is finally launching its home security system after a lawsuit caused it to be delayed by several months. It’s now called the Ring Alarm - no longer the Ring Protect - and it’s arriving on 4 July for $199.

The Alarm is actually a bundle of devices. There’s the alarm base station, a keypad, a contact sensor, motion detector, and a range extender. Together the five-piece package is designed to protect your home from intruders, but depending on the size of your abode you may need to purchase more of those sensors, which Ring is selling separately, to get the full protection.

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The Alarm was actually meant to launch in October last year, but sales were halted by a lawsuit involving security company ADT, which alleged that Ring misused some proprietary information during its acquisition of Zonoff. Now that’s over, the Ring Alarm is available for pre-order right now.

What makes this proposition so tantalizing is the price. Ring’s offering is cheaper than the Nest Secure, which still comes in at $399 after its recent price cut. There are no cameras in the bundle, but you’ll be able to combine it with Ring’s other security cams - or even the Ring Doorbell.

Another appealing aspect is that it looks easy to install yourself. Ring says you should have no problem getting it setup without professional assistance, however it is offering a $10-per-month Ring Protect Plus add-on, which gets you cellular backup if the Wi-Fi goes down and unlimited video storage.

As for those additional sensors we mentioned, Ring is selling contact sensors for $20 a piece and motion sensors for $30. The Ring Alarm will also work with the First Alert Z-Wave smoke alarm as well as Ring's smoke, flood and freeze sensors. Nothing on deeper Amazon integrations right now (Ring was bought by the retail giant earlier this year, remember) but who knows what may change over the coming months.

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