The best smart home devices: The top picks from our buying guides

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​The best smart home devices
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Here at The Ambient, we’re dedicated to testing and recommending the best smart home devices. We have guides to pretty much every category – and are always updating the reviews and recommendations within those.

This is our compendium of the best smart home devices from our buying guides and our extensive testing. If you're looking to build out a smart home but don't know where to begin, or what smart home system is for you, consider this your cheat sheet.

The best smart speaker

The best smart home devices: The top picks from our buying guides

Sonos One

Buy Now: Amazon / | $199

The Sonos One is still the dedicated smart speaker to beat, offering one of the best third-party Alexa experiences in one of the best-sounding speakers reasonable money can buy. Punchy but balanced, it’s Sonos’ versatile sound through and through, wrapped together with the leading smart home assistant. So good, in fact, that Sonos has upgraded some of the internals for 2019 with a new Gen 2 model, though it's hardly worth the upgrade if you already own one.

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The best smart home devices: The top picks from our buying guides

Google Nest Hub

Buy Now: | $129

It may be dwarfed by other smart speakers in size, but Google’s 7-inch-screen-toting smart speaker strikes the perfect balance of design and features, while giving the Google Assistant the face it always deserved. The 1024 x 600 resolution is sharp enough for the types of things you’ll be doing with it – namely smart home control, music playback, all with a well designed interface that makes it the best smart display out there by a mile.

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The best smart home devices: The top picks from our buying guides

Amazon Echo (2nd generation)

Buy Now: Amazon | $99.99

Of the huge range of Amazon Echo speakers out there, it's the standard second-generation Echo that gets our pick. The Echo 2's main selling point is, of course, Amazon's Alexa, who is still our chosen assistant. There are six colours of fabric finishes to choose from - plus it's smaller, and definitely more pleasing to the eye than the plastic first generation. You still get 3.5mm line out, which means that you can wire an Echo 2 up to your existing speaker system, or connect via Bluetooth.

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The best thermostat

The best smart home devices

Nest Learning Thermostat

Buy Now: Amazon / | $249

Named as such after its ability to learn and create a schedule for you based on your heating behaviour, it's the closest option you have to never thinking about your heating ever again. It does this by studying and then mimicking your manual actions based on its first few days of learning. Once created, the schedule will be fine tuned every time you make more manual tweaks.

Sadly, you don't get zone options or individual radiator control with Nest. However, there are third-party smart radiator valves you can use, which enable the thermostat to act as a maximum temperature controller.

The best smart home devices: The top picks from our buying guides

Ecobee SmartThermostat

Buy Now: Amazon / | $249

While Nest has long held top billing, Ecobee is a strong contender to the crown - and stronger still with its latest offering, the SmartThermostat. Imaginatively named? No. But Ecobee's latest and greatest fixes some of our biggest complaints with the Ecobee4 while still boasting built-in Alexa and a (now more responsive) touchscreen.

Better yet, it plays nice with every major smart home platform you can think of, while the separate room sensors make Ecobee more aware of what's happening in the home and target the rooms that are actually occupied. Some of its people-detection is flaky, and it's certainly not cheap, but Ecobee is a close runner-up to Nest here.

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The best smart home devices: The top picks from our buying guides

Hive Active Heating

Buy Now: Amazon / | £249 (with Hub) in UK, £199 (no Hub) / $16.99 per month in US

Hive is well-suited to less technical people in smaller homes. In terms of heating control, it's a stripped back experience that enables you to remotely turn heating on and off and set up schedules based on room temperature – pretty standard stuff. But if you're starting out with the smart home, Hive can do more than just heat your home. It's an ecosystem with smart plugs, bulbs, door sensors and home security cameras – which can all be used in the same app.

The best smart bulbs

The best smart home devices: The top picks from our buying guides

Philips Hue

Buy Now: Amazon / | From $14.99 up to $200+

Hue bulbs are still the best around, with white temperatures between 2200K and 6500K and coloured bulbs packing 16 million colours. They're fast and responsive, and some of the quickest to turn on and off in our testing. The fittings are fairly universal, as well.

To get the purest Hue system, you'll need the Philips Hue Bridge, which offers the most complete control over your bulbs, colours, brightness and schedules. It's possible to use Hue bulbs without the Bridge, either using a different hub or the new Bluetooth bulbs, but it limits your options to basic on/off functionality for 10 bulbs.

The best smart home devices: The top picks from our buying guides


Buy Now: Amazon / | From $24.99 up to $249.99

Hue is great, but can be costly – and this is where Lifx comes in, with great prices and a Wi-Fi set up that works regardless of the tech inside your home. And numbers stack up with Lifx bulbs boasting 16 million colours – 1,000 shades of white alone – and a maximum brightness of 1,100 lumens. But unlike so many systems, Lifx bulbs don't need a hub. Just screw in one of the bulbs and you're good to go, with all pairing worked out with the smartphone app and Wi-Fi network.

Read our Lifx Mini review.

The best smart plug

The best smart home devices: The top picks from our buying guides

Amazon Smart Plug

Buy Now: Amazon | $24.99

OK this is just for the Alexa squad out there – the new Amazon Plug was developed for super-easy pairing with Echo devices. It's all about a new service called Frustration Free Setup, which means the Echo speaker and plug can talk to each other and authenticate within 30 seconds. No skills, apps, set up, button pressing. It's all about making the experience really easy. And that's why it gets our alternative nod.

Read our full Amazon Smart Plug review.

Best smart home devices

TP-Link HS110

Buy Now: Amazon / | $29.99

When it comes to smart plugs, TP-Link has been in the game since the beginning. And when it comes to the best, most feature rich plugs out there, the HS110 gets the crown. Schedules and remote control are done with aplomb, and you can quickly add the HS110 into Alexa and Google Assistant groups/routines as well.

There's also an Away mode, where you can set regular recurring days or times where you want things powered on or off. What's more, the Kasa app lets you monitor kWh energy use over daily, weekly or monthly time periods, so you can get clued up on how much electricity you're using.

The best smart home camera

Best smart home devices

Nest Cam IQ Indoor

Buy Now: Amazon / | $299

The king of the smart home camera is the Nest Cam IQ Indoor – although the caveat is that it's pretty damn expensive. At $300 for a camera – plus the minimum of $5 a month to unlock video storage, it's pretty outrageous.

You get night vision, a 4K still image sensor, motion and sound alerts, snapshot history, 1080p live views and close-up tracking view. It's a big features list – and that's just the stuff you get out-of-the-box. With the Nest Aware subscription, you get facial recognition and full playback, so you can scrub through the entire day, not just motion alerts.

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The best smart home devices: The top picks from our buying guides

Arlo Ultra

Buy Now: Amazon / | $399.99

The latest Arlo isn't cheap, but quality comes at a price here. This is a 4K camera with stunningly clear footage, letting you zoom in on small details and capture faces. With the added HDR, even at 1080p your footage is better looking than what the Arlo Pro 2 can manage. The 180-degree field of view also helps, as does the integrated spotlight for relying less on night vision.

Battery life is good, with around three weeks between charges, and the new upgraded base station is very welcome. The biggest downside is that most of the best features - people/animal/package detection, smart-action areas, lock-screen previews - are behind a paywall that will cost you $1.99 per camera, per month. The entry price is just for one camera and a base station, too.

Read our full Arlo Ultra review.

The best smart lock

Best smart home devices

August Smart Lock Pro + Connect

Buy Now: Amazon / | From $279

The Smart Lock Pro is August's third-generation, and brings new features and enhancements to the table. The lock motor is now quieter and offers double the lifespan using the same four AA batteries.

The Smart Lock Pro replaces the inside end of your deadbolt, and you can install it yourself with a screwdriver – and pretty much anyone can give this a go. It's not all about the smart stuff either; you can still use your existing key from the outside, which makes a neat backup in case it all goes wrong.

August connects to your Wi-Fi via the included August Connect bridge to offer full control of the lock from wherever you are. It will auto-lock and will unlock based on your proximity to your house, saving you the hassle of fumbling for keys. You can also give mobile app keys to friends, pet-sitters and the like via the August app – and you can revoke that access when required as well.

It also offers unrivalled compatibility with the leading smart home platforms: Apple's HomeKit, Amazon' Alexa, and Google Assistant all offer the ability to control the lock via spoken commands.

Read our full August Smart Lock Pro review.

The best smart doorbell

Best smart home devices

Ring Video Doorbell 2

Buy Now: Amazon / | $199

There are plenty of smart doorbells on the market now, but the easiest to recommend is Ring 2. First, it's cable-free and works via a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, so you don't need to worry about having wires hanging from your doorframe – which, believe it or not, is pretty rare in the smart doorbell world.

In terms of tech there's full HD 1080p camera with a 160-degree field of view at 15fps, which is a little low, but it's a doorbell after all. There's also two-way audio, but recorded motion and rings will cost you £25 per year.

There are other hidden costs too; you’ll need to purchase a plug-in Chime if you want to hear the doorbell in the house. You can, however, make do with the loud ring from your smartphone, if you don't want to fork out.

Read our full Ring 2 doorbell review.

The best smart home devices: The top picks from our buying guides

Nest Hello

Buy Now: | $199

If you're after something that will look a little better slapped on the front of your home, the Nest Hello is a svelte little doorbell with some great features. You've got nice clear 1600 x 1200 HD video at 30fps and decent night vision. The 4:3 aspect ratio gives you a full look at the person ringing too (many, like the Ring 2, go for 16:9 instead).

In terms of features, the Hello is dressed to impress. Quick replies from the app let you send a message to someone at the door, while motion, sound and person detection will send you alerts as needed. The additional $5-a-month Nest Aware subscription adds facial recognition to that, and if you have a Google Home it can even announce who's at the door. The Hello needs a wired connection to work and there's a wireless chime in the box.

Read our full Nest Hello review.

The best smart smoke alarm

Best smart home devices

Nest Protect

Buy Now: Amazon / | $119

A clear leader right now in the smart smoke alarm world is the Nest Protect. It's set to detect both fast and slow fires, plus carbon monoxide. It comes with wired and battery versions, and the latter will last a couple of years between replacements, which is highly impressive.

The alarm on the Protect is a human voice. At first signs of something awry, she’ll say: "Be aware. There's smoke in the [room]". If it’s major it’ll be: "Emergency! There's smoke in the [room]." You'll also get a notification to your smartphone if smoke is detected, and another if the alarm sounds – which is useful if you're in a different room, and a bit of peace of mind if you're away as well.

The best streaming stick

The best smart home devices: The top picks from our buying guides

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K

Buy Now: Amazon | $50

Amazon's best streaming stick yet, the Fire TV Stick 4K does exactly what that imaginative name suggests. It's cheaper than a Fire TV (see below) but still gets you high end features like 4K streaming, HDR10+ and Dolby Vision.

The Stick 4K has a power cable and is slightly longer than last year's but is easy to plug and play - if you need it at an angle, there's a dongle to help. It gets you access to services including Prime Video, Netflix, HBO, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Disney, Curzon, Plex and more - a very solid selection in both the US and UK.

Read our full Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K review.

The best smart home devices: The top picks from our buying guides

Google Chromecast Ultra

Buy Now: Amazon / Google | $69

Unlike Fire TV, Apple TV and Roku, Google's Chromecast doesn't actually have a user interface. Rather, it's simply a way of mirroring whatever's on your phone, tablet or computer to the TV. The Ultra is (as you'd hope from the name) the best of the Chromecast family, offering 4K streaming. You simply plug it into the HDMI port with one wire and the mains with the other.

4K content will depend on which services you're using, so the benefit of Chromecast Ultra, particularly its 4K support, is strongly correlated with what you're paying for each month. Most of the heavy hitters are here: Netflix, YouTube, YouTube TV, HBO, PlayStation Vue, Vudu, Twitch, Vevo, Hulu and a few others. No Amazon or Apple though.

Read our full Google Chromecast Ultra review.

The best robot vacuum cleaner

The best smart home devices: The top picks from our buying guides

Neato Botvac D7 Connected

Buy Now: Amazon / | $829

Neato's latest flagship sucker adds in the My Floor Plan mode, which means no more fencing off troublesome areas with magnetic strips or beacons. Meanwhile the D-shaped design (which seems to be catching on) is better for tackling corners. You'll get up to two hours of continuous cleaning from the eco mode, but that halves in turbo mode. You will, however, need to buy more base to make the most out of floor mapping.

The best smart home devices: The top picks from our buying guides

iRobot Roomba i7+

Buy Now: Amazon / | $949.99

The i7+ is one of the smartest robot vacuums out there. Its best feature is its ability to empty out its own bin, which makes maintenance far easier and cleaner. While there are some niggles – like battery life – it makes up for it with top mapping features and fantastic cleaning performance on a host of surfaces.

Read our full iRobot Roomba i7+ review.

The best smart light switch

The best smart home devices: The top picks from our buying guides

Lutron Caseta Dimmer

Buy Now: Amazon / | From $99.99

The Lurton Caseta Dimmer is one of, if not the, most versatile smart switch around. It works with all the major platforms - HomeKit included - and supports three-way switches. Installation is a breeze although you do need the hub to make it work. On the switch there's a button for dimming the light and one for increasing the brightness - with an optional remote control that comes in the box.

The best robot lawn mower

The best smart home devices: The top picks from our buying guides

Husqvarna Automower 450x

Buy Now: Amazon / | $3,495.95

If you need the definitive lawn mower to keep your garden in shape – and we mean really keep it in shape – then there's no better option than Husqvarna's Automower 450x.

The price tag is lofty, sure, but what you get in return is perhaps the only mower that can handle big, hilly gardens – specifically, the 450x will be able to cover areas of over an acre and gradients of up to 23 degrees. And it doesn't tire easily, either, with the car-like design chomping on grass for well over four hours from just an hour of charging.

You'll still, unfortunately, need a boundary wire, despite the built-in GPS helping the device to navigate around your garden (even narrow passages), but the fact that it can customise cutting patterns, tap into weather reports and sound an alarm if it's taken out of its cutting zone all help this become the most advanced and complete automated mower in the game.

The best smart baby monitor

The best smart home devices: The top picks from our buying guides

Arlo Baby

Buy Now: Amazon / | $199.99

Upon first gaze, the Arlo Baby is one of the neatest designs you can find for a smart baby monitor, letting you change its look by dressing it as a rabbit, dog or cat. And while that helps it blend into your child's nursery, it does plenty too.

This is a seriously feature-packed camera, coming complete with an in-depth app that's easy to use. Users can set the Arlo to record video or take a snap when motion or audio is detected, while alerts can also be pushed through your smartphone or email. That video being recorded can also be tailored to suit the room – 360p to 1080p is the range you can work with, and the field of view can be set to between 90 and 130 degrees.

Naturally, parents can view this on their phone in real-time, but integration with Alexa means viewing the feed can take place on the Echo Show or Echo Spot, too (Google Assistant is in the works).

You'll have to sift through Arlo's subscription plans if you're looking for storage or camera linking, though we imagine many will find its free option adequate. All in all, this rounds out as a camera which comfortably holds the smart baby monitor crown.

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