Light it up: The best Alexa smart bulbs

Let Alexa light up your life with our pick of the best compatible bulbs

The best Alexa smart bulbs

Maybe you've just jumped into the world of Alexa with the new Amazon Echo Dot. Maybe you're an old hand with Amazon's assistant, but you've finally decided to smarten up your home's lighting.

Alexa just so happens to be the best assistant for controlling a smart home, and one of the most magical ways to dive into the smart home is smart lighting. Simply speak and your lights flicker to life. It never gets old.

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There are a number of really good smart bulbs out there, but which ones work with Alexa? Even more importantly, which ones are actually worth your time and hard-earned cash?

Fear not, for we have tested out a number of smart bulbs that work with Amazon's famous digital assistant. We'll get into those in a moment, but first…

Alexa smart bulbs: Things to consider before buying

So, Amazon's got this fancy Echo called the Echo Plus, which has a Zigbee receiver built into it. This means that certain smart home devices – like lightbulbs – won't need their individual hubs if you've got an Echo Plus.

So from the get-go you can lower the long-term costs by opting for the Plus – but mind, there are a couple of catches.

The first is that you lose out on some features. For instance, if you use a Philips Hue bulb with an Echo Plus you won't need the Hue Hub, but you will lose out on things like building scenes and syncing your lights to your movies and other entertainment.

The other catch is the technology the bulbs use to connect. There are two main ones in the world of smart bulbs: Wi-Fi and Zigbee. Wi-Fi bulbs are the mavericks of the smart bulb world; they don't need a hub to function, but they're also relying on Wi-Fi to stay connected.

One of the big new features coming to the Echo Plus is the ability for it to control your smart home products should your internet go down. That wouldn't be possible with Wi-Fi bulbs. However if you don't have a Plus, getting a Wi-Fi bulb would be easier on your wallet.

It's a trade-off. You get more features with Zigbee-enabled bulbs, and you'll get even more features if you pony up for each bulb's specific hub (like the Hue Hub for Philips, or Hive Hub for Hive, etc).

Light it up: The best smart bulbs for Alexa

Philips Hue

From £14.99 up to £200+, Amazon |

Philips is the biggest name in smart lights, and it shows. The company easily has the best selection of bulbs and fixtures in the smart bulb game. There are simpler, regular bulbs, there are candle-like bulbs, and then there are the fixtures.

There are a number of light strips – both outdoor and indoor – that you can get. There are fancy lighting fixtures that'll recess into your ceiling. There are lights you need pros to install. There are lamps. There are lights that look just like giant lightsabers. You name it, Philips probably has it.

It's all a bit overwhelming, but you'll also get superb light quality. White temperatures go from 2200K to 6500K with over 16 million colours to choose from. They're also packed with tricks, from creating custom scenes to syncing with your entertainment.

In our experience, we've found Hue to be the best at working with the Echo Plus. You just twist it in, turn on the plug and ask Alexa to discover your new devices. You won't get all the flexibility of the hub, but you will get to use a pretty great bulb regardless.

If you don't just want to be stuck in the wide world of Alexa, there's also the Friends with Hue platform, which includes IFTTT, Xfinity and Logitech. Specifically, you can use IFTTT to do some pretty rad things, like sync your lights to your favourite sports team. Or maybe light up the room blue when it rains.

Compatibility: Android, iOS, E26/27, E12/14, B22, GU10, PAR16, mains.

the ambient verdict
Philips Hue
There's a reason why Amazon bundles a Hue bulb with the Echo Plus: it's still the best smart lighting system you can get. For the most part, you're getting a feature-packed bulb, but if you opt to use the Plus as your hub you are losing out on a handful of them. Still, Hue is your best choice.
  • Bundled with Echo Plus
  • Excellent number of options
  • Easy to set up
  • Hub required for all features
  • Can get expensive
  • Default scenes won't go away

Light it up: The best smart bulbs for Alexa


From £24.99 up to £249.99, Amazon |

If Philips is the Goliath of smart home lighting, Lifx is the David. What started as a crowdfunding darling is now a fully-fledged smart light company with a number of good options.

You've got over 16 million colours, brightness at 1,100 lumens, and over 1,000 shades of white. Those colours can get pretty luscious, and to our eye they're as good – if not sometimes better – than Hue's. The best part though is that there's no hub – that's because Lifx bulbs are connected using Wi-Fi. To connect them to Alexa, all you'll have to do is boot up that Lifx app, connect your bulbs and then make sure your Amazon and Lifx accounts are connected. Then your lights will be ready to use.

Unlike Philips Hue, you will get a number of interesting features like scenes and entertainment syncing without having a hub. Unfortunately the Lifx app isn't quite as smooth and bug-free, either.

The biggest benefit to the Lifx #nohub life is that those of us without an Echo Plus can get a seamless lighting experience. This is especially handy if you've just got an Echo Dot and you want a smart light to use it with.

As for the lights available, you've got your standard set of bulbs and then you've got the more compact and affordable Lifx Mini bulbs. The company has also started to look at fixtures, taking a turn toward light panels with the Tile and Beam.

Compatibility: Android, iOS, E26/27, E12/14, B22, GU10, mains.

the ambient verdict
Lifx is a solid second choice in the world of smart lighting. It offers a number of benefits over Hue's system, like the lack of a hub. The app isn't quite as good as Hue's redesigned one, and it's a big buggy for things like the Tile or Beam, but the entire Lifx experience is a good one. It does work with Wi-Fi, so you non-Echo Plus folks need not worry.
  • Doesn't need a hub
  • Great quality lighting
  • Good colours
  • Expensive
  • Setup can be annoying
  • Flat headed design is odd

Light it up: The best smart bulbs for Alexa

Sengled Element

From £12.99, Amazon |

If you're looking for a very affordable set of bulbs, Sengled's Element line is a pretty good option to pair with Alexa. They do start at just $10 for a soft white, after all.

Bur you do get what you pay for. They're pretty standard, with 800 lumens of brightness and a colour temperature of 2,700K. However, where they succeed is that these Zigbee-based bulbs can work with all sorts of hubs.

If you don't want to use Sengled's tiny hub, you can use your Echo Plus. If you don't have a Plus, you can even use your Samsung SmartThings or Wink hub if you've got one of those. However, there is a drawback with Sengled's Zigbee support – the bulbs aren't Zigbee repeaters.

That means that if your home is larger the bulbs won't boost the Zigbee reception, which means it might be difficult for your to connect to your Hub. That certainly happened in our test home. The Sengled bulbs were too far away from our Echo Plus, and unless we wanted to rearrange our Echo setup, we just had to bite the bullet and use the Sengled hub.

In fact, setup was probably the most frustrating of the bunch. The company doesn't provide too much information in the box, so you might end up having to figure out how to set up your bulbs with Alexa all by your lonesome.

On the bright side, Sengled has a number of bizarre bulbs coming. There's a speaker bulb that syncs to your music, and there's also a motion sensing bulb that'll turn on a light when it – you guessed it – senses motion.

Compatibility: Android, iOS, E27/27, E12/14, mains.

the ambient verdict
Sengled Element
Sengled is definitely the best option if you're looking for something a little more affordable. For as little as [currency usd="9.99" gbp="12.99"] you can get a dependable and well-featured bulb. Plus, you don't need a specific hub, saving you even more money if you've got SmartThings or an Echo Plus. Setup can be frustrating though, especially in larger homes.
  • Cheap
  • Doesn't need a specific hub
  • Bizarrely wonderful bulb options
  • No Zigbee repeater
  • Badly designed app
  • Annoying setup

Light it up: The best smart bulbs for Alexa


From £27, | Amazon |

The small Belgian upstart is looking to unseat the others on this list, and it wants to do this by essentially making its bulbs the most technology-packed it can. For one, you're getting bulbs with 64,000 whites and over 16 million colours.

You're also not going to need a hub, as these bulbs work on a Wi-Fi connection that's encrypted and uses an anonymous sign-in method to keeps your credentials out of the cloud. Wiz is also taking advantage of having a Wi-Fi connected bulb by making it as easy as possible to share your bulb setups with other people.

Your app will also save multiple locations so you can control bulbs for your home, your vacation home and office in the same app. There's also 2MB of memory on each bulb so that Wiz can pre-load different scenes. Using Wiz with Alexa is about the same as using Lifx. In fact, if you rename all your bulbs like we do you might even forget which is which.

The one big downside here is that it's difficult to get your hands on Wiz bulbs affordably. If you're in the EU, you can get Wiz bulbs for as little as €27. But if you're in the US, for example, you'll get them for $54 and up. The company does also partner up with OEMs to sell their wares, but it is difficult to get your hands on them, especially as they're very similar to Lifx in concept but more money in some territories.

Compatibility: Android, iOS, E27, E14, A19, GU10.

the ambient verdict
Wiz is a small Belgium smart bulb option, but it is a worthy one. Placing a premium on the hardware inside the bulb and the ability to share access to your bulbs is good, but the bulbs remain hard to purchase if you're outside Belgium or the rest of the European Union. The fixture options aren't exactly the best either.
  • No hub required
  • Easy to share access
  • Encrypted connection
  • Expensive outside EU
  • Feels like Lifx Light
  • Not many fixture options

Light it up: The best smart bulbs for Alexa

Also consider

Ikea Trådfri

From £7, | Amazon

We haven't gotten to try out Ikea's option yet, but they're one of the most affordable smart bulbs you can get. They're also pretty bare bones, so you're not going to have Ikea's smart bulbs syncing with your music. Still, they're cheap.

Hive Active Element

From £18.99, Amazon

Hive has slowly yet steadily improved its smart lighting options with full white and colour bulbs. The big benefit here for Echo Plus users is that they run Zigbee, so you don't need a hub.

However, if you've got another Echo you will need a Hive Hub to get these things working. The good thing is that the Hive bulbs also plug into Hive's growing smart home offering, and you can create routines within Hive's decent smart home app.

Sylvania Smart+

From $30.99, Amazon

Sylvania has two lines of smart bulbs you can choose from. There's a handful of Bluetooth-based bulbs that use a Bluetooth mesh network to get going. These work with Alexa and will plug into your Amazon-powered smart home. There's also a line of Zigbee bulbs which will see you needing a hub.

In that way, Sylvania can serve both Echo Plus users and non-Plus Echo users. As for features, you're getting a pretty standard set: they're 800 lumens bright and feature white colour temperatures from 2700K to 6500K.

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