Author: Britta O'Boyle

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Britta boasts over a decade of experience as a seasoned technology journalist. Her expertise spans a broad spectrum, encompassing smart home innovations, mobile devices, wearables, and beauty tech. With a degree in fashion journalism from the London College of Fashion, Britta's journey into tech began with a focus on kitchen and bathroom technologies during their nascent stage in household integration. During her tenure as deputy editor at Pocket-lint, Britta delved deep into the evolving landscape of home technology. Her byline has graced numerous esteemed publications including GQ, TechRadar, iMore, the Daily Express, and the Daily Mirror. Spotting Britta without her trusty Apple Watch is a rarity; she's always on a mission to meet her activity goals, even if it means justifying an extra bar of chocolate. When she's not crafting compelling narratives, she's often found playfully teasing her partner by effortlessly controlling the lights with her phone, just to make a point about the convenience of technology.