The best Works with Nest smart home tech

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The best Works with Nest devices

It's easier than ever to set up your smart home. Platforms such as Works with Nest not only make is super simple to get your connected home devices talking to each other, without the need for third parties like IFTTT, they also give buyers a bit of reassurance as a 'Works with Nest' sticker on a box is a bit like a personal recommendation from Google who, of course, own Nest Labs.

Nest's own range includes its Learning Thermostat, Protect smoke detector, the Secure home monitoring system and a range of smart security cameras but it's Google's Nest platform, and its ability to link to non-Nest products, that is really appealing to smart home enthusiasts.

Sure, you still to jump around different apps to get it all set up (we'd like to see non-Nest branded products in the Nest app), but it really is a doddle to get everything running in sync.

Here's our pick of the best Works with Nest smart kit for your house...

Google Home

The best Works with Nest smart home tech

Of course Google Home sings and dances in tune with your Nest setup. It'd be daft if it didn't, right? Home kind of matches up with the Echo's abilities from when Amazon first released its smart speaker - i.e. it's a music player, connected smart home device and a relatively intelligent Assistant.

On the Nest front it's your Thermostat that it'll talk to. It'll change your temperature in a slightly less clunky way than Amazon Alexa does.

Check out our Google Home review.


Philips Hue

best works with nest kit

You knew Philips Hue would be in here, right? The smart lighting leader has its fingers dipped in every smart home platform out there.

The Nest integration, which is enabled through the web-portal, means you don't have to rely on IFTTT and the like to get your connected bulbs reacting to situations your Nest devices pick up on. Pairing up means things like flashing red lights when there's an emergency, lights turned off when you're not at home, lights turned on when you arrive home - textbook smart home behaviour.

Check out our full Philips Hue guide.

From $69.99 for starter kit, | Amazon


best works with nest kit

Foobot is a single feature device - it just tells you whether your air quality is good or bad using the coloured lights around the rim. Amber means bad, blue means good.

Works with Nest means you can do something about poor air quality though (something other than opening a window, obviously). It will turn the fans on in your house, from the Thermostat (if you've got the air-con version that is).

$199, | Amazon


The best Works with Nest smart home tech

Another air quality monitor, but this time that just looks so bloomin' gorgeous - Awair also takes the Nest integration a step further.

If you have your Nest Thermostat hooked up to an air conditioner - and the cooling mode enabled - then your Awair box can tell it to start blowing the air around when the CO2 levels get high.

$199, | Amazon

Kwikset Kevo

best works with nest kit

The Kwikset Kevo is pretty much the gold standard of smart locks. It doesn't necessarily have the best features at the most favourable price point but it's reliable because it's been around long enough for most of the bugs to have been ironed out. It has all the features you'd expect from a smart lock, such as granting virtual keys to guests and the ability to use Kevo fob keys instead of your phone.

The Nest integration means that the Home and Away state will be more accurate based on how and when the lock is used, and you can even set Thermostat temperature preferences for users, which are deployed when said user unlocks the door.

$220, | Amazon

Amazon Alexa

Let's be clear that we're talking about Amazon Alexa, rather than Echo, as it's Amazon's digital assistant that does the work for you here.

You can simply tell Alexa to turn up or down the heat in your house (using the name of your Thermostat - so we'd suggest changing this to 'Nest' or 'Thermostat'). And, if you've got an Echo Show, Echo Spot or a Fire TV stick you can also view your Nest Cam feeds by saying, "Alexa, show me" and the name of the room.

From $49.99, Amazon

GreenIQ Smart Garden Hub

best works with nest kit

GreenIQ is a smart garden hub which fits to your existing irrigation system and taps into the weather reports to work out exactly when and how much it needs to water your plants. If it's about to pour down, there's no pointing in wasting water (or your money), is there?

The Nest integration on this one has safety in mind: if smoke or CO2 is detected by your Nest Protect then the sprinklers attached to your GreenIQ will fire up. Bad word choice, sorry, but you get the point.

$249, | Amazon


best works with nest kit

Skybell is an intercom system for the 21st century. If someone comes a calling to your door, you will be alerted on your smartphone - even if you aren't home - and you'll be able to speak to them while seeing what's going on in Full 1080p HD. It also acts as a motion detector too, so you can turn on your Nest Cam if it spots movement - or your Nest Cam can tell the Skybell to start recording itself.

It also works with Nest Protect, blinking red to warn you that it might not be safe to go inside.

$199, | Amazon

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