​How to use Alexa Voice Shopping on your Amazon Echo

How to buy stuff with your voice

​How to shop using Alexa and Amazon Echo
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For hardened Amazon users, Alexa and the Echo speaker isn’t just for smart home control and making fart noises – it’s also an easy way to shop.

Alexa Voice Shopping allows you quickly add items to your basket and buy them – so you won’t forget to replace those items that are getting low. Let us explain how.

Alexa shopping: What can you do?

Order items

You can ask Alexa to order items you need and get recommendations. Alexa will suggest Amazon Choice items, which are selected by user rating and price and are available to ship immediately, so you can order with confidence.

You can order things in two ways:

“Alexa, add dog food to my cart” will add the item ready for you to complete the purchase online.

But Amazon Prime users with one-click ordering turned on can have items bought straight away.

“Alexa, order dog food on Amazon Prime” will have that sent immediately.

“Alexa, cancel that order” will remove what you just ordered from your cart. If you have one-click ordering, you have 30 mins to do that.

How to use Alexa Voice Shopping on your Amazon Echo

Get delivery notifications

In the Alexa app:

1) Go to the Alexa app menu and select Settings.
2) Scroll to the Accounts section and select Notifications.
3) Select Shopping Notifications.
4) Under Delivery Notifications you'll see two options: Out for delivery and delivered. Make your choices.

Reorder notifications

You can ask Alexa to reorder items from your history. Just use the term you remember, and then Alexa will search your history and read out the exact name. Confirm to have it reordered.

Alexa will also remind you to reorder items. If you regularly reorder the same thing, Alexa will prompt you to order again.

Check on delivery status

If you’re wondering when an item is due to arrive, you can ask Alexa this as well.

When you ask, "Alexa, where's my stuff?" Alexa will provide information on when your next package(s) will arrive. If you’re looking for more detailed information about the items in your order, you can go into the Alexa app and the home page will show your recent voice request with a link to “View order details.”

How to use Alexa Voice Shopping on your Amazon Echo

What do you need?

To shop using Alexa you need one of the following:

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon Echo Plus

Amazon Echo Show

Amazon Fire TV Stick

Amazon Fire TV Cube

•Amazon Fire Tablets

•Amazon app (available on iOS and Android)

•Amazon Tap

You don’t need Amazon Prime to order, but as 1-click ordering is an Amazon Prime feature, you will need it for super quick ordering of your stuff.

What about security?

If you’re worried about people ordering 500 kilograms of dog food to your house – you should be. But you can add some protection to your account.

First, if you order something you don’t want you can just ask “Alexa, cancel last order”. However, it might be worth adding some extra safeguards.

In the Alexa app launch the Alexa app go to Menu > Alexa Coount > Settings. From there, you can choose Voice Purchasing and set a four-digit voice code. When you order via Alexa you’ll need to say the code for you to be charged and delivered. If you ignore the request for a code, it will simply sit in your cart ready to be ordered.

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