Google Assistant can now speak Spanish on Home, Max and Mini

Como se dice OK Google

Google Assistant now speaks Spanish
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If you follow any news around smart assistants, you probably know that they tend to focus on American English first, and then gradually gain support for English with accents, from Australian to British, and then branch out to other cultures and languages. Well, Google Assistant can now help you out in Spanish on Home devices.

You will still have to use the same wake words, either "OK Google" or "Hey Google", says Google, but once you do that you can say whatever you want in Spanish. Google Assistant will listen and respond in Spanish in turn.

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The Spanish version of Google Assistant can do pretty much exactly what the English version of Google Assistant can do. That means your weather reports, sports scores, calendar reminders and more. In fact, here are a couple things you can say to Google Assistant in Spanish.

“Ok Google, ¿cómo será mi día?” (A rundown of your day)

“Ok Google, ¿cuándo juega México?” (When Mexico plays next)

“Ok Google, reproducir mi lista de reproducción para hacer ejercicio” (Listen to your top songs)

“Ok Google, sube la temperatura del termostato” (Turn down the temperature)

“Ok Google, cantamé Las Mañanitas” (Celebrate your birthday)

If you would like to enable the Spanish edition of Google Assistant, open up your Assistant app and follow the following steps.

1. Tap Menu.
2. Select Preferences in Settings.
3. Choose Espanol.

The new Spanish Google Assistant arrives just in time for the the debut of Google Home in Mexico, following last week when the Home arrived in Spain.

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